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Having Windows and Linux co-exist

Eric continues his work to help a Windows-user convert to Linux and now shows her a more gentle way to do it.
The first blog on the problem is here.

But now Eric checks a LiveCD to see if that helps:


I think another issue was that I should have just said, straight out, what Linux distro do I recommend for the newbie. So, I'm going to do that too. But, first, on to the topic of having Windows and Linux co-exist.

First, I'm not going to try and tackle all of the in's and out's of how to do this technically. There are a huge number of HowTo's on the topic. Check out The Linux Documentation Project as a starting point to find the actual HowTo's for the various methods I'm describing here. There are basically three methods to have your Linux and still have Windows while you are at it.

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