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DCC, Debian and Ubuntu DO work together

This is a bit more positively than what we usually hear from that particular front – they may not agree, but some cooperation does take place.
A couple of examples are found here at [dcc-devel] Status of DCC 3.1 January 5 2006


Joint Engineering efforts:
We're now working with Ubuntu in the following areas, kernel, Xorg, and
laptops. We're still in the organizational stage with these, but it
should move very quickly over the next week into a structured plan, and
actual hands on work.

and commented nicely in this blog blog



Latest 7.0 release allows a modular development model, better suited for open source software. It leads any distribution using to track new releases faster, as X-Window system will evolve from previous slow upgrades.

Daniel Stone first built a set of 7.0 packages for Ubuntu, which are used by Debian X Strike force for future Debian packages, and DCCA addition will try to make them work on Debian Sarge.

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