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Thinkpads with Ubuntu pre-installed

Linuxemporium has begun shipping IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads with Ubuntu 5.10 pre-installed.
Their site is here.


We sell four basic models of the legendary Thinkpad, all pre-built with Linux:

* R series for value – no frills mobile computing
* T series for power – when you want the power of desktop computing, but mobile
* X series for portability – the favourite of hackers like Eric Raymond
* Z series for style – making the bridge between work and life with widescreen multimedia
Each model is available with a variety of options: the starting point is to have the machine pre-configured with Ubuntu 5.10, then there are options for having SUSE 10 instead, dual-booting with Windows, and the usual add-ons like extra memory, USB floppy and CD drives, etc.

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