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Comments to the paid updates of MEPIS

Linux-watch comments that only paying customers can download patches from Technalign's servers for paying customers.
With the title: “MEPIS updates for a fee? Get over it!“, I don't think they like it….


Technalign is just trying to provide some value to their customers so they can get their money's worth, and come back again another day, by providing them with quick and easy downloads. After all, that business model has certainly worked out well for Red Hat.

Nevertheless, then, like now, some users are howling in dismay.

So, I'll just tell those folks what I told the people who were having fits at Red Hat: “Get over it!”

You'll also find a comment in Josh's blog here


So my concern here is that those using free MEPIS versions will be running the potential of having a less stable, and less usable OS. Of course, this plays right into the idea of making MEPIS a commercial product. If they wish to go commercial, by all means have a go for it. But this ploy just reeks of attempting to play both sides of the fence. And the idea of having to fill out a form to get updates due to a change in one’s hardware should be abhorrent to *all* Linux users, regardless of the reasons for such a “solution” in the first place.

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