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My desktop OS: Ubuntu

NewsForge has an article by a very happy Ubuntu user about his …well…Ubuntu.
The story is found here


Even with Ubuntu Breezy's benefits, I can't let Windows go entirely. I still need XP for vertical-market Windows-specific software such as EduTrack for school administration and Calyx for loan origination, and occasionally an interface for using my Nokia cell phone as a tethered modem. Keeping Windows XP on my hard disk bothers me, and I would prefer to make a clean break from the Windows world. However, neither OS gives me everything I want. I could stay on XP, use and my legacy Windows specific software, but I would need to shell out a few hundred bucks for a Quickbooks upgrade. Or I could press on with Breezy using GnuCash for my bookkeeping but I wouldn't be able to run EduTrack or Calyx. I decided to avoid full-time Windows use and join ranks with people who dual-boot. When I save up enough coin to buy VMware Workstation, I'll stop dual booting and run XP in a virtual machine under Linux so I don't have to restart the machine to use Windows apps.

Until then, I'm proud to use Ubuntu Breezy for most of my computing

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