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The 350 Mhz XFCE Linux Desktop Search has tested SimplyMEPIS 3.3.1, Ubuntu 5.10 and a bunch of other desktop distro's to see how they fared with XFCE on it. Read the interesting investigation Quote: If I had to recommend a desktop distro for a slower PC like this one, I'd recommend both Ubuntu AND VectorLinux with Vector being the first recommendation. […]

Too many release-critical bugs in Debian

Anthony Towns has announced that “the release team and ftpmaster will probably be looking into setting some expectations for fixing RC bugs in unstable”. Hey all, This is just a brief note to warn that over the next month or so therelease team and ftpmaster will probably be looking into setting someexpectations for fixing RC […]

Building an Ubuntu home media center

On, they've been building a Linux home media center using a fresh Ubuntu install. Read how they did it over here. Quote: I choose to install Ubuntu Linux on the LHMC because, thanks to its Debian roots, Ubuntu is easy to update and manage, and has a wide range of software available. The low […]

KDE vs. GNOME: Environments Compared has given the recent debate of KDE vs. Gnome some screenshots for comparison…..using (K)Ubuntu! Enjoy the comparison here Quote: To create a side-by-side comparison of the top two leading desktop environments for the Linux operating system we downloaded a couple Live CDs of popular distributions. This comparison is done between KDE 3.4.3 on Kubuntu […]

Secure Apt for Debian

Our friends at DebianPlanet have been lurking in the wiki and found this interesting piece by Joey Hess about secure apt. Quote: Recently Debian's unstable and testing branches have begun to use strong crypto to validate downloaded packages. This is commonly called “secure apt” and was implemented in version 0.6. Since the documentation is fairly […]

ColdFusion 7.x Installation on Debian Sarge

HowToForge has been at it again, this time with a tutorial at how to install ColdFusion 7.x on Sarge. You'll find it here Quote: Why This Tutorial?Because there is not any documentation about ColdFusion installation on Debian over internet. As you know Debian Linux is not supported officialy by Adobe. But Debian is one of […]

Debian Weekly News 02/2006

The 2nd DWN of 2006 is here, containing news about Status of non-free Firmware, Bits from the Release Team and New Technical Committee Members (Steve Langasek, Anthony Towns, and Andreas Barth). —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – January 10th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 2nd issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for theDebian community. Jeroen […]

Damn Small Linux 2.1 has been released

After three release candidates, version 2.1 of DSL is released. The release announcement says:Quote: Well, we have 31 improvements for DSL 2.1. It has been a big effort involving several members of the community. On the interface side we have a lot of nice Lua-FLTK tools including an icon management and settings tool by Robert […]

MythTV and Ubuntu

Well, actually it's about “MythTV, Ubuntu, Athlon64, WinTVPVR, Comcast Digital Cable, and a pcHDTV HD-3000 in a pear tree!” Read the massive tutorial here. Quote: I've prepared this document in an attempt to provide a comprehensive set of instructions on how to get MythTV running on an Athlon64 with Ubuntu, a WinTV PVR-250, pcHDTV HD-3000, […]

Cheat Knoppix 4 to Improve Performance

MozillaQuest has written anusefull utorial – this time about the cheat codes for Knoppix. You can read it yourself here. Quote: Normally, you would not type anything at the splash screen and boot prompt — other than hitting enter in order to continue the boot process. You only insert boot-prompt parameters if you want to […]

Drag's Guide to Debian variations

If you don't quite know which one of the many, many Debian-based distributions that are the one for you, this guide might help you. Read the Drag's Guide to Debian variations. Quote: It's been my personal experiance that Debian is the most complete Linux distribution aviable and it's community tends to produce the highest quality […]

Templates to Create Debian Virtual Private Servers

The OpenVZ project today released pre-built Debian 3.1 (Sarge) Virtual Private Server (VPS) templates. Read about it at LX'er Quote: OpenVZ is an operating system level server virtualization software technology, built on Linux, that creates isolated, secure virtual private servers on a single physical server — enabling greater server utilization and superior availability with fewer […]

Ruby on Rails on Debian

Goodie on goodie on goodie? Debian-Administration has yet another how-to for your pleasure. Enjoy it here. Quote: Most of you have probably heard of Ruby on Rails and may be wondering what exactly it does and how you can try it for yourself. Put simply, Rails is a web application framework that uses the model-view-controller […]

Ubuntu plans server Linux

I guess the title didn't catch you by surprise – but has thrown some comments on the recent interview of Fabio Massimo Di Nitto. See if there's anything new here. Quote: For the future, the Ubuntu site contains a wishlist that includes support for the Xen open source virtualisation tool, a centralised user management […]

Learning Debian GNU/Linux

I don't know how long this (old) book about using Debian has been open for us all, but it's out there! Distrowatch's weekly bulletin mentioned it, so here is the 1999 book “Learning Debian GNU/Linux“ For your information: Table of ContentsPrefaceChapter 1: Why Run Linux?Chapter 2: Preparing to Install LinuxChapter 3: Installing LinuxChapter 4: Issuing […]

xlibs-dev Mass Bug Filing

David Nusinow has announced how to deal with the many bugs, Xorg 6.9 upload to unstable has caused. Hello everyone, As many of you may have noticed, Xorg 6.9 has been uploaded to unstable.With this upload, the xlibs-dev metapackage is no longer built. I maileddebian-devel-announce about this back in November[0] including therationale for this decision. […]

Installing OOo 2.0 for Debian shows you how to install OOo 2.0 on your Debian box. Read it here. Quote: While the recent release of 2.0 (OOo) was eagerly anticipated by the open source community, it has been received with some chagrin. The OOo group released 2.0 in rpm format only. Needless to say, this has some non-rpm […]

Strong growth for Debian

In their December bulletin, Netcraft yet again tells that Debian is currently the fastest growing Linux distribution for web server. Read the short report here. Quote: Debian is currently the fastest growing Linux distribution for web servers, with more than 1.2 million active sites in December. Debian 3.1 was declared stable in July and it […]

DebCentral 2.0

Our friends at Debcentral has revamped their logo and also announced what the plans are for 2006 You can read the announcement or see the headlines here: Quote: I'm sure by now many of you have noticed the new look of the site. It's nothing major, but some things that have needed fixing have been […]

LX'er defends (K)Ubuntu

On their comment of the day, LX'er defends the difference between Kubuntu/Ubuntu against a reviewers 'mistake'. The comment is a fine example of trying to elaborate the Ubuntu world a bit for the readers. Quote: SNF comments on Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols article: “First, the good news: although they go by different names, there's really no […]

Yet another roundup on the DCC-thing has made yet another write-up of the DCC-debate that has been running wild for a few days in the medias. The title says it all: “Debian, Ubuntu and the DCC, oh my!” No quotes needed, as I'm sure you've read them all.

Alternative input devices for Ubuntu

As part of a general input article, uses Ubuntu as test-distribution. Something, but not all works. Read about the gizmos here Quote: Although none of these devices will replace my keyboard and mouse full-time, they are all useful and interesting. It seems as if most USB input devices work well with Linux, but some […]

A New Windoze Notebook — Knoppix to rescue!

The latest LinuxGazette is here, this time with an article of how to reclaim the 'dissapeared' space on your brand new Dell notebook. Read the article here. Quote: Why is there more than one primary partition? The hardware architecture only supports 4, they're valuable! None is particularly full. And that gap in the middle?! Can […]

Is Debian really the right thing for you?

If you're a bit in doubt or just want the fun of it, then The Linux Distribution Chooser Quiz is here to help you! A very polite test, mostly aimed at the newbies, but I'm sure you'll also enjoy it – is found here Oh, by the way – it suggested MEPIS for me (with […]

DCC Alliance 'close to end' claims Ubuntu founder

Techworld has gotten Ian Murdock's response on Mark Shuttleworth's reflections on the DCC. Read the interesting stuff here Quote: Ian Murdock, founder of Debian and also of the DCC Alliance, said Shuttleworth's objections didn't add up to much. Murdock said the necessary name changes had been made and that most of those involved were ready […]

Returning to Desktop Linux Again

Sid Steward on O' has made a very short review/blog about Kubuntu and surely likes it. Read about it here. Quote: I hope to try my hand at some Linux desktop development. In particular, I would like to create a PDF manipulation tool based on my pdftk. Ubuntu feels like a good place to begin. […]

Nessus 3.0 on Ubuntu 5.10 has made a small tutorial on how to get Nessus 3.0 running on Ubuntu. Here you are. Quote: I for one have no particular problems with the fact that Nessus has gone to a closed source model from version 3, with the exception that this means I can’t run Nessus on some of my […]

Debian developers trim platform support basically copies the comments from Steve Langasek in the recent announcement of platform support for Etch. You can read their copy/paste and very few comments here Quote: Debian Etch, the next major version of the Linux distribution, will only be available on eight architectures, with four getting the boot. Steve Langasek, a release manager […]

Ubuntu Server: Interview with the team leader has interviewed Fabio Massimo Di Nitto about himself, the Ubuntu server project and it's relevance. The interview is here Quote: Why should a system administrator switch from RedHat, Suse or Debian to Ubuntu server? Fabio Massimo Di Nitto: It's very hard to answer without unleashing a distro-war and one answer will never cover all […]

Ubuntu for your in-laws

Kirk Strauser blogs about the succes of giving his computer-newbies in-laws a computer with Ubuntu installed on. You can read the short story here. Quote: This was the year of Linux on the desktop, at least for my family. I've been using a succession of free systems for years, switching at a whim between FreeBSD, […]

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