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Debian Weekly News 09/2006

This week on time – the DWN contains Call for Votes for the GFDL Position Statement, Inclusion of the AMD64 Architecture and Non-Maintainer Upload Policy. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – February 28th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 9th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for theDebian community. Lars Wirzenius [1]de-nominated himself from theupcoming project […]

The Ubuntu experience

Paul Banks at LinuxWorld Magazine have tried Ubuntu and is now a very happy man. Read the review here Quote: Overall, I was very pleased with Ubuntu. For a beginning Linux distro, it has everything you need to get started. Setup is quick and virtually painless (only the Wireless LAN Setup was somewhat unorthodox). For […]

MEPIS 3.4-3 – Extras CD ISOs Available

MEPIS has provided 3 extra CD's for their subscribers with plenty of content. But why do that? Quote: When a package is installed from the Debian pools, it may trigger an undesired update of many other packages. Also the Debian etch and sid pools have become more and more unstable during the past 6 months. […]

Samba Server Configuration in Debian has another how-to for Debian, this time about Samba. Read it here – it was seen at our friends at DebCentral Quote: Currently, the Samba Debian packages consist of the following: samba – LanManager-like file and printer server for Unix.samba-common – Samba common files used by both the server and the client.smbclient – LanManager-like […]

Uncyclopedia – just for fun

The Unclycopedia with satirical entries has a couple of pages relevant for this site: Debian and Ubuntu. Ubuntu Quote: Ubuntu was created in 2004 by an astronaut named Mark Shuttleworth (also known as the SABDFL, Self Admiring, Buys Debian For Loosechange). Ubuntu's body was originally made out of materials taken from the silverware cabinets of […]

Ubuntu for embedded units

The Ubuntu platform expands to the ever-growing embedded world of small, light devices like PDAs and Internet tablets It's mentioned here at TecTonic Quote: “Since the Ubuntu principle is to have Linux for human beings, to embed Ubuntu into such mobile devices is the fundamental basis of having people not only connected but humanly connected.”

Debian Weekly News 08/2006

Last weeks edition of DWN contains Etch Beta1 broken installation media, Debian Live Initiative and Team Maintenance for Debian Packages. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – February 22nd, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 8th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for theDebian community. Frederick Noronha [1]reported about the Martusproject that pits the best of the […]

Debian Project Leader Election 2006

The nominees for the DPL position are here – check who they are and what they have to say. Hi, The nomination period is at an end, with seven candidates standing forth to be counted (a record). We are now in the campaigning period. The candidates are: o Jeroen van Wolffelaar [] o Ari Pollak […]

Apache2 with PHP5 and PHP4 at the same time

HowtoForge have a tutorial on Debian Sarge and Ubuntu for running Apache2 with PHP5 and PHP4 at the same time Enjoy it fully! Quote: This tutorial shows how to install and configure Apache2 with PHP5 and PHP4 enabled at the same time. Because it is not possible to run both PHP5 and PHP4 as Apache […]

Dropping Debian etch in favor of Fedora

The subject says it all – there's a scary story over at our frinds at! It can be read fully here Quote: To me, Debian has advantages such as its package and system management features; I'm addicted to apt-get and DebConf. Also, I can enjoy through Debian the greatest variety of Debian packages, and, […]

Final call for nominations: DPL Elections 2006

This is the final call for nominations for the position as Debian Project Leader 2006 Hi, We are in the final week of the nomination period for candidates for the position of the Debian Project Leader. The new project leader term starts on April 17th, and that sets the time line: Nomination period: Feb 5th […]

Why Ubuntu isn't for New Linux Users

LinuxBlog has a comment on why Ubuntu isn't for New Linux Users… I'm not quite sure I agree, but tt is found here Quote: The average computer user does not possess the technical expertise to drop to a command line and issue commands…nor should they be asked to. Yet that is exactly what Ubuntu demands […]

Head to Head: SimplyMEPIS

LinuxBlog took an average windows user, gave her a handful of distributions of Linux, and forced her to use each distro for one week See how it went SimplyMEPIS and PCLinuxOS here Quote: So, PCLinuxOS takes the cake. It is just easier to use, easier on the eyes, and it caters to new users. It […]

Book review: "The Debian System: Concepts and Techniques"

Mozillaquest reviews “The Debian System: Concepts and Techniques” Find it here Quote: The Debian System: Concepts and Techniques is not, however, for the Linux beginner. It does not serve as an introduction to Linux, or to the multitude of GNU tools and other applications commonly found across the gamut of Linux distributions. It can be […]

Linux for older hardware have had a look at Linux distros for older hardware; amongst others are Debian and Damn Small Linux. Read it here Quote: Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a damn fine Linux distro. This was the first time I used DSL for any period of time, and I was impressed by what the DSL developers […]

Review of Ubuntu 5.10

“Nearly worthy of all the hype!” concludes CapnKirby on his – admitted a bit late – test of Ubuntu 5.10 Read the review here Quote: Ok gang, I'll admit it, I've been avoiding this one. Simple answer is I usually try to go with the small operations, not the biggest and most popular. Ubuntu sitting […]

Making apt Work for You

LinuxJournal has an excerpt from “Linux Patch Management: Keeping Linux Systems Up to Date” Read a bunch about apt here Quote: One of the popular Linux patch management systems is based on the Advanced Package Tool, known as apt. While it was developed for Debian Linux, it is the standard patch management tool for a […]

Ubuntu Linux 6.04 Alpha 4 Screenshots

OSDir has a bunch of screenshots. here they are.

Two-in-one DNS server with BIND9

Not something I use, but this tutorial at HowtoForge might be something for you. Read it here Quote: This tutorial shows you how to configure BIND9 DNS server to serve an internal network and an external network at the same time with different set of information. To accomplish that goal, a new feature of BIND9 […]

We Want You for DebCentral!

Our friends at DebCentral is looking for more blood and has written a small status on how things are progressing over there. See the overview here Quote: First of all, I want to take a moment to highlight a little program we've been working on, the “Friends of DC” program. The most obvious sign is […]

Ubuntu eyes gadgets

LinuxDevices have had a look at embedded Ubuntu – what it is and what it can do for you. Its found here Quote: The EmbeddedUbuntu project was founded on Halloween of last year, and has so far succeeded in creating an emulated ARM environment for x86 development hosts. The environment is based on an ARM […]

Ubuntu's business model

If you want a laugh, visit Everybodu Loves Raymond, where they examine the Ubuntu business model. See it here, a resume is simply not possible!

LAMP on Sarge

Debian-Administration has made a massive howto for LAMP on Sarge (Apache2, PHP5, MySQL5, phpMyAdmin, Smarty, ADODB). It's all here Quote: This documents my adventure setting up a LAMP server on Sarge with Apache2, PHP5, MySQL5, phpMyAdmin, Smarty, and ADODB. It covers installation and just enough sample code to test everything. It turned out to be […]

Ubuntu initiation rites

Spottet at DebCentral, we have the experiences of the commuity and help by a new Ubuntu user. The opinion is found here Quote: I must say that my first week as a Linux user – or more specifically an Ubuntu user – has been a real education. The first lesson I learnt is that some […]

Dapper Drake Feature Freeze

The feature freeze for Dapper begins this Thursday, February 23rd. This means that feature goal development be substantially complete Check the announcement at The Fridge and a short overview at DesktopLinux. Quote: Features which are behind schedule may be granted exceptions (for priority goals with a clear roadmap to completion) or deferred to the next […]

MEPIS 3.4 – Upgrade Packages Available

Upgrade packages are ready for SimplyMEPIS users. They are binary compatible with Debian, so others can also use them. “The pool is meant for users of the 3.4 release and pre-releases of SimplyMEPIS. The upgrades may also work for earlier versions of SimplyMEPIS” Read it here Desktoplinux has an article about the content of the […]

Interview with Falko Timme

LXer has interviewed Falko Timme, who makes lots of Debian tutorials at HowtoForge. Read it here Quote: LXer: Falko, your tutorials show up on just about every Linux system administration search I do these days. When did you start writing them? Falko: I started the “Perfect Setup” tutorials in 2003 as part of the 42go […]

Knoppix on the Intel-based Macintosh

Move away, OS X – Knoppix is here and there's screenshots to prove it. Read the short announcement here Quote: We reported a few days ago that we had Linux booting on the Intel-based Macintosh. We also released a test-drive mini-distribution that can be trivially booted by anybody interested. We have been looking at Linux […]

Another Shuttleworth interview

Mr. Shuttleworth's tour in Asia pays off – here's another interview with him, this time in Free Software Magazine. Enjoy here Quote: After selling Thawte, I imagine you had a world of opportunity in front of you. You could have lived in luxury for the rest of your life, multiplying your wealth. Instead, you decided […]

Recover grub boot loader password using Knoppix

NixCraft has a nifty little guide on how to recover password on a protected grub boot loader and you forgot both root and grub password. It's all here Quote: If you have, a password protected grub boot loader and you forgot both root and grub password then you can recover grub-boot loader password using following […]

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