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Automatix for Etch

Speedy at DebCentral has created a clone of the Ubuntu Automatix tool for use with Etch. Enjoy.
Check the release announcement and download here

Use at your own risk!


The main aim of this app is to turn a simple debian etch install into a full multimedia enabled desktop system. Currently version 0.4 attempts to do the following tasks.

Install commonly needed audio and video codecs
Install commonly used browser plugins (Java, Flash, …), Microsoft fonts
Install additional archiving tools (rar and ace)
Adobe Reader and Firefox plugins
Install GnomeBaker cd/dvd burning software
Install FTP client for GNOME with ssh capability
This configures Ctrl-Alt-Del to Open Gnome System Monitor (GNOME Install streamripper and streamtuner
Install DC++ and amule
Install Frostwire (GPL clone of Limewire)
Install Audio (Audacity) Video (Kino) and ID3 Tag (Easytag) editors
Install DVD ripper (dvdrip)
Install mplayer and Firefox multimedia plugin
Installs Totem-xine and Beep Media Player (with docklet)
Enable Debian Menu
Install Azureus and Bittornado
Install Avidemux
Turning on Numlock on GNOME startup (GNOME ONLY)
Install Programming tools Anjuta (C/C++ IDE), Bluefish (HTML editor), Screem (web development)”
Install Graphical dialup connection tool (GNOME ONLY)
Install NON-FREE Audio and DVD codecs
Install ndisgtk (Graphical frontend for ndiswrapper WiFi)
Set up some Nautilus Scripts – Open nautilus as root, open any file with gedit as root with right click in nautilus (GNOME ONLY)
Install Sun's version 1.5 JRE
Install Wine
Enables Ejection of CD when CDROM drive button is pressed.
Install firestarter firewall and adds it to Gnome startup
Install gdesklets and adds it to Gnome startup (GNOME ONLY)
Make USB gamepads work
Turn DMA of CDROM and DVD drives ON
Add midi capability to Etch

The tool Automatix for Ubuntu is a bit controversial.

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