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GeekReview: Ubuntu 5.10 has reviewed Ubuntu from a Gentoo users point of view. He likes it too!
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Overall, very very easy installation. No fuss, no muss, although the manual partitioning should really drop out to fdisk instead of the quirky tool they have now. Hardware detection was really great, graphics driver loaded up, and yay, I have audio. Big time “tsk tsk” on not giving me easier access to development tools, but I'm sure once I get things installed I won't have to worry about it much after that.

So I decided I'm also going to scrub Gentoo at the office and install Ubuntu here too, since I've more than established my 'geek' status by running Gentoo on this desktop for almost a year – but taking 3 days to compile 105 packages including almost a full day to compile OpenOffice 2.0.1 was just getting on my nerves. Don't get me wrong, I *love* Gentoo, but they need a little help in the installation of things, like installing binaries to get it up and running and when idle time is detected on the machine to use that time to recompile things.

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