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MEPIS may be going Ubuntu

MEPIS founder Warren Woodford is considering building future MEPIS releases from Ubuntu sources rather than from Debian
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MEPIS is frequently criticized by some in the Linux community over the licensing of its scripts and installer. Woodford said that he has committed to releasing the installer under the GPL by the time for the next version, and that “it's news to me that the scripts were not GPLed already. I don't consider any scripts to be proprietary.” He said he would make an effort to make sure that any scripts without a clear licensing statement would be modified to include one by the next release as well.

At this time, Woodford is ready to evaluate Ubuntu as an option, but not ready to commit completely. “I'm not committed 100 percent to Ubuntu yet, I'm looking at Ubuntu…. I need to vet it before I can say that absolutely.”

However, if the tests pan out, Woodford said that MEPIS users can probably expect a new release of MEPIS in the May timeframe, about 30 days after the Dapper Drake release of Ubuntu.

In the end, Woodford said he's going to try to do what's right for MEPIS users. “I am trying to be sensitive to the needs of the MEPIS community and MEPIS users, and will be considering their input while making a decision on this.

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