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Linspire, Ubuntu and Desktop Linux Summit

Kevin Carmony, CEO at Linspire comments why Ubuntu isn't present at the Desktop Linux Summit.
He *might* be a bit biased, but comments it here that

I just got off the phone with Mark Shuttleworth (founder and leader of Ubuntu), and the call inspired this week's Linspire Letter. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mark, and he and I definitely share many of the same goals and differ on others. One topic, however, that always frustrates me a little when I speak with Mark is the Desktop Linux Summit (DLS). Every time I've ever spoken with Mark about DLS to ask him if Ubuntu would come to the show and participate, he says the same thing — Ubuntu is hesitant to come to “The Linspire show.”

Now, Mark has never actually been to the Desktop Linux Summit personally, and try as I have to explain to him the history of the show, I can tell he's just not buying it — it seems that there is nothing I can say to change his view that the Summit is and has always been a “Linspire show.”

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