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Series: Customizing Ubuntu

Herschel Cohen at LX'er starts a series about customizing his Ubuntu installation – the first entry is now online. Read about it here Quote: It is my intention to start a small series that describes both my travails of getting to the Ubuntu desktop and customizing the same. These include my additions, tweaks and all […]

DebConf6: Final call for registrations

It's the last chance to register for the DebConf6, which will take place from the 14 May to the 22th 2006 in Oaxtepec, Mexico Hi DebConf6 will take place from the 14 May to the 22th 2006 in Oaxtepec,Mexico. It is preceded by an unofficial work camp called “debcamp”,From the 6th to the 12th of […]

Updated all Debian boxes

Wolfgang Lonien has writen a small article about the pleasure of updating Debian Sarga. I guess this quote sums it up pretty well: Quote: And because stable means stable, everything worked just fine, like I knew it would. Using Debian, we are really standing on the shoulders of giants. Read the rest here

Book review – "Beginning Ubuntu Linux"

Slashdot have had a read-through of “Beginning Ubuntu Linux – From Novice to Professional” and find it a good book targeted at neophytes in Linux who wish to install and use Ubuntu on their machines. The review is found here Quote: Having said that, even though at first glance, a person who is well versed […]

Updating made easy with EasyUbuntu has a small article praising EasyUbuntu. Read it here Quote: Ubuntu uses only open/free formats, so it doesn't include playback support for formats such as MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA), and Audio Video Interleave (AVI) that may have some restrictions. If your country has no such restrictions or legal issues with these formats, the […]

Interview with Warren Woodford have had a talk with the MEPIS founder and others about how it is to take a Linux-distribution into retail. Read it here Quote: MP: What steps does a manufacturer like Mepis have to go through to get its products carried in the manufacture-to-wholesale-to-retail chain? WW: Retail _is_a chicken and egg problem. But first […]

Debian Weekly News 13/2006

This weeks edition of the weekly Debian news has arrived. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – March 28th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 13th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. David Moreno Garza [1]built an RSS [2]feed forthe Debian Weekly News. Manoj Srivastava [3]called for votes for thisyear's project leader [4]election which […]

Ubuntu 4.10 reaches end of life on 30 April 2006

The first version of Ubuntu (Warty Warthog aka 4.10) will not be supported after April 30th. On October 20th, 2004, Ubuntu announced its first public release, version4.10. This release was accompanied by a commitment to ongoing securityupdates for a period of 18 months, which has been reflected in thecomprehensive set of Ubuntu Security Notices issued […]

DSL 2.3 released

It's here! The next version of Damn Small Linux is released with lots of changes – and there's allready a review at TuxMachines! Read the changelog here Quote: 1. New auto mydsl. Auto scan for directory named mydsl will automatically load extensions.2. New DSL natively booted can now recognize the Qemu virtual harddisk. Allows for […]

Windows Linux DualBoot Tutorial

This tutorial was written to help set up a dual boot on a SATA drive but it will also work for PATA. In order to have a fully functional Windows/Linux dual boot system it is preferred that Windows is loaded first. After that you can load Linux and easily dump the boot configuration on Windows […]

How to back up DVD's on Ubuntu

Backup or copy? Whichever you choose, here's a blog about how to do it on Ubuntu. Enjoy it here at flavor8 Quote: I wrote a bash script to help you duplicate your DVDs. This may be illegal depending on where you live, but if you use your DVDs regularly you should have backups, to protect […]

Review of Ubuntu Dapper Drake

Paul Dwerryhouse at Nepotisima has reviewed Dapper Drake and is looking at the pro and con's of it – and he ends up liking it too. Read the review here Quote: So, when and why would you choose to use Ubuntu? I would have no hesitation in rolling it out in an office environment, where […]

Unofficial Debian GNU/Linux Repositories Overview

This blogger has nicely listed a bunch of unofficial Debian repositories. Quote: Sometimes, especially if you have switched from some another GNU/Linux distribution to Debian GNU/Linux, your will have one major problem: you are missing some software available in your previous distribution. That is were Debian unofficial repositories can help you. Read the rest here

Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster

Falko Timme has made yet another tutorial on Debian Sarge on HowtoForge. Here it is. Quote: This tutorial shows how to configure a MySQL 5 cluster with three nodes: two storage nodes and one management node. This cluster is load-balanced by a high-availability load balancer that in fact has two nodes that use the Ultra […]

Distrowatch weekly on MEPIS and Debian

This weeks edition of Distrowatch Weekly comments on MEPIS switches allegiance and compiling Debian with GCC 4.1. They are mentioned here Quote: As hinted previously, the developers of MEPIS Linux, an easy-to-use distribution for Linux beginners, have switched their base system from Debian to Ubuntu Linux. If the initial tests prove successful, we are likely […]

Oracle 10g [Express Edition] supports Ubuntu

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE) is now also available for Debian and Ubuntu. Quote: Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE) is an entry-level, small-footprint database based on the Oracle Database 10g Release 2 code base that's free to develop, deploy, and distribute See what it is here

Second call for votes for the DPL

The number of votes given for the Deban Project Leader is very, very low. Second call for votes is issued. Hi, At the time of writing, half an hour into the second week of the vote, we have the lowest participation ever in a Debian project leader election seen so far (ever since we started […]

Linux app finder

Focussing on Debian and Ubuntu the new site “Linux application finder” helps users choose the right application for their needs You can check it here and find a more thorough article about it at Quote: “I've focused on Debian and Ubuntu because I understand how the repositories work and wrote some scripts that I […]

Unofficial Ubuntu 6.06 Starter Guide

At they have made a starter guide for Dapper Drake. Read it here Quote: This guide was started by Chua Wen Kiat (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). It is now being maintained by the Linux Center of University of Latvia, and everyone else who is willing to contribute.

Setting Up A High-Availability NFS Server

This tutorial describes how to set up a high-availability NFS server that can be used as storage solution for other high-availability services like, for example, a cluster of web servers that are being loadbalanced. In fact, I will create two NFS servers that mirror their data to each other in realtime using DRBD and that […]

Installing the Nvidia driver In Kubuntu 5.10 has made a small how-to on getting the Nvidia driver to work with Kubuntu. Quote: I've found that I'm using Kubuntu more and more. So this is the first one of the supplemental How-To's concerning a specific config for Kubuntu. We are going to install the Nvidia drivers so we can get all the […]

Downtime for some machines

This Saturday (2006-03-25) between 13:00 – 21:00 UTC, the debian.orgmachines hosted by HP are going down due to maintenance in their cageon the power systems. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Hi, This Saturday (2006-03-25) between 13:00 – 21:00 UTC, the debian.orgmachines hosted by HP are going down due to maintenance in their cageon the power […]

About Damn Small Linux

On IBM's developerworks, Jason Clark has written a piece about the benefits of Damn Small Linux. Read it here Quote: Need a teeny-tiny, business-card-sized, open source operating system that squeezes a lot of software into a little space? Take a look at DSL Linux®. This quick review shows you how to use the miniscule OS, […]

MadPenguin changes the review of SimpyMEPIS?

Our friends at DebCentral have noticed that the rating in the recent SimpyMEPIS review has changed the last weeks. The review was mentioned here but from the comments at the same story at DebCentral, something seems rather odd. Quote: This “review” has changed its score over the last few weeks. originally the author gave Mepis […]

Versora Supports Ubuntu

Versora, developers of a tool to migrate from Windows to Linux, now also supports Ubuntu with their Progression Desktop. Read it here Quote: Progression Desktop employs an easy to use 'next, next, finished' interface to guide the user through a migration. Additionally, migrations can be fully automated from a command line to allow integration with […]

The Perfect Xen 3.0 Setup For Debian

HowtoForge has revised their “Perfect Xen”-guide to use Xen 3.0 on Debian Sarge. Enjoy it here Quote: I will use Debain Sarge for both the host OS (dom0) and the guest OS (domU). In an additional section at the end I will also show how to create a virtual local network with virtual machines, with […]

A Linux desktop fairy tale

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols have written a small comment about the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Linux and what path they are following. Read it here Quote: Meanwhile, the Debians joined forces and said, “We will make the best of the best of the best of Linux, and the Great Penguin will smile upon us.” And […]

Switching art students to Ubuntu

Gurdy Leete writes about the experiences experienced when switching to GNU/Linux at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. The piece is found at Newsforge Quote: If you're contemplating a similar switch, I encourage you to move ahead. Think about which distribution best matches your needs, and select your applications carefully. If you need to […]

Ubuntu cake war

Amongst the not-so-serious news is a bunch of images of Ubuntu cakes. Yes, you read it corretcly. They are here at The Fridge Quote: The Edubuntu cake is the biggest so far, while the Kubuntu cake is at least 40% more blue than the other cakes. The Ubuntu cake happened to be a birthday cake […]

Win a copy of "The Debian System"

This might interest you – Free Software Magazine runs a competition where you can win the book “The Debian System”. Join the competitionhere Looks like you have to sign up to participate: Quote: All you need to do to enter is: [More:] 1) Read our terms and conditions 2) Send your FSM subscriber name (the […]

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