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Ubuntu Documentation Newsletter

The second edition of the Ubuntu Documentation Newsletter has hit the streets, containing Documents for Ubuntu 6.04, Kubuntu Documentation, Wiki Documentation and more.
Dear all,

Welcome to the second edition of the Documentation Team Newsletter!

For all editions of the newsletters, see

In this issue:

1. Documents for Ubuntu 6.04
2. Kubuntu Documentation
3. Wiki Documentation
4. How to Contribute
5. Useful Links

== Documents for Ubuntu 6.04 ==

=== New Firefox/Epiphany Homepage ===

The old firefox/epiphany homepage has been replaced by a much shorter one, because it was far too long and confusing. The new homepage has some work still to be done, so please read it and submit your comments to the Documentation Team mailing list!

=== Desktop and Server Guides ===

The Ubuntu Server and Desktop guides have had an enormous amount of work recently. They are shaping up fantastically well for release with Ubuntu 6.04. The Ubuntu Desktop Guide has particularly benefitted from the efforts of Brian Burger and Naaman Campbell. Both documents have benefitted recently from feedback from the Ubuntu forums community. If you'd like to make any suggestions, please email our mailing list (instructions at the bottom). Read the work in progress documents here:


=== Installation Guides ===

The installation guides for Ubuntu 6.04 have been added to the Documentation Team preview website. Read them here: (choose your arch).

=== Dapper Flight Release Notes ===

Matt Galvin has recently produced a great guide to what's new in Dapper. For more information on recent Dapper Drake Flights see:


If you find any bugs please be sure to report them in Launchpad.

== Kubuntu Documentation ==

Work has begun on a version of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide, especially for Kubuntu! Venkat Raghavan is leading the charge on this document, with a few people helping him. To contribute, see the To read the document, go to:

The Adept manual is also on course for updating: the Kubuntu documentation groups plans to rewrite this guide in line with changes to the Adept software. In the future, it is hoped that this manual can be included in KDE upstream.

== Wiki Documentation ==

=== New Hotness ===

Thanks to some great contribution from many users, notably Brian Shumate, the documentation on the wiki is getting more and more rich. As always, the starting page for wiki documentation is, which contains a (nearly complete) index of documents. Here are some highlights of new documents:

* – how to get more out of your SSH install
* – configure programs to use SSL encryption, set up secure servers.
* – information on system and application logs.
* – how to use the new Dapper Live CD persistence.
* – how to use qemu to create blank VMware vmdk images for use in VMware Player.
* – Use an SSH tunnel to provide VNC sessions.

=== Old Hotness ===

Also, some great work has been put in to tidy up a number of wiki pages which were in the Cleanup category ( Special mention goes to Venkat Raghavan for some great work there.

* – How to use the Vim editor
* – How to use GnuPG encryption for email and files
* – the enormous task of tidying up the Wireless documentation has begun! Special mention to Todd Lambert for some great work here!
* – How to compile software from source

There's always been a few gems tucked away in the wiki that don't seem to get much attention.

* – information on every file compression/archiving format available, with screenshots!

=== Work to be Done ===

Much work still remains to be done: lots of the documentation on the wiki is disorganised and needs a lot of love. Work has also begun, thanks to the efforts of Naaman Campbell, on a disciplined plan for reorganisation of the wiki. We need help, so please join the Documentation Team mailing list, and visit the wiki team pages and for some inspiration!

== How to Contribute ==

The Documentation Team still has a lot of work to do, and needs your help! Documentation is a great way to contribute to the Ubuntu community, even if you don't know how to write programs or build packages! As always, you can find daily builds of the documentation (and details of how to contribute) on Another great starting place to learn quickly how to get involved is our wiki pages, especially You can also contact us on irc (#ubuntu-doc) or the mailing list (

You can also contribute to the Kubuntu documentation by checking the same website and the same mailing list.

== Useful Links ==

* – All the stable documentation released with Ubuntu systems
* – Documentation team website with builds of latest work in progress
* – Front page of our corner of the wiki.

Thanks for reading!

your Ubuntu Documentation Team

— sounder mailing list

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