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Comments to Ubuntu using Linspire's CNR

XYZComputing has collected a bunch of comments on the recent possibility of Ubuntu going CNR
The article starts here


Overall, I would have to say I am in favor of seeing CNR makes its way to Ubuntu. The attractiveness of the distribution to people new to Linux would go way up and users who don't have the time or inclination to learn to use the existing tools, like apt-get, would have a viable option at their hands. Plus, the availability of codecs and certain software to Ubuntu's users would increase greatly, in a way which is both user-friendly and legal.

In the end, this situation is going to be one whose success depends depends heavily on nuance. The wrong promotion, intentions, or marketing of the CNR system would certainly alienate even the most dedicated users whereas a quiet introduction which only adds options seems like sure-fire hit. The combination of this distribution with the powerful CNR tool could be a huge step forward in courting new users to a form of desktop Linux, which does not emulate Windows like Linspire, but rather is unabashedly supportive of the open source community and in favor of free software.

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