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The members of have spoken: Ubuntu is distribution of the year and Knoppix is LiveCD of the year
You can see the different polls here and a nice overview of the winners here


A list of winners follows, with the percentage of the votes in parenthesis.

Distribution of the Year – Ubuntu (19.49%)
Database of the Year – MySQL (62.98%)
Office Suite of the Year – (84.84%)
Browser of the Year – Firefox (71.90%)
Mail Client of the Year – Thunderbird (51.74%)
Text Editor of the Year – vi/vim (37.96%)
Open Source Game of the Year – Frozen Bubble (23.17%)
Window Manager of the Year – Fluxbox (27.11%)
Desktop Environment of the Year – KDE (64.86%)
Audio Multimedia Application of the Year – amaroK (41.86%)
Video Multimedia Application of the Year – mplayer (46.94%)
Messaging App of the Year – Gaim (52.41%)
Security App of the Year – nmap (31.68%)
LiveCD Distribution of the Year – Knoppix (39.59%)
Windows on Linux App of the Year – Wine (53.94%)
File Manager of the Year – Konqueror (51.25%)
IDE of the Year – Eclipse (31.99%)
Graphics App of the Year – GIMP (62.02%)
Shell of the Year – bash (89.67%)
Web Development Editor of the Year – Quanta (44.31%)

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