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User review + screenshots of SimplyMEPIS has made a 4-5 page review of SimplyMEPIS. They are pleased with the result – and you can see a screenshot tour at OSDir.
Read it, if you can survive all the Googleads


There are many forums out there for Linux but one of the best forums for Mepis is, this place is by far the most friendly board on the planet. Ask a question, you will almost always get an answer.. and I have
Never seen the classic “RTFM or Read the Fine Manual” response at

Trying something new is always difficult and sometimes down right frustrating.. but with forums like and and new user can ask and search away.. Help is never far away..

So what are you waiting for??? Give Mepis a try today.. it doesn't cost anything but a little time and a blank CD..

ou can also find a screenshot tour here at OSDir

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