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Second call for votes for the GFDL position statement

Have you cast your vote voting on the General Resolution to addressthe Debian project's position on the GNU Free Documentation License? Hi, We are now in the second and final week of this vote. At the time of writing, 174 people have voted, out of a potential 972. manoj Voting period starts 00:00:01 UTC on […]

DPL debate on IRC 16 March 2006

The candidates for Debian Project Leader 2006 will debate on IRC and you've got the chance to ask them questions The candidates for Debian Project Leader will debate one another live onIRC Thursday, 16 March 2006 from 22:30 UTC to 01:00 UTC the followingday. Don Armstrong will moderate the live debate. CALL FOR DEBATE QUESTIONS […]

Ubuntu Documentation Newsletter

The second edition of the Ubuntu Documentation Newsletter has hit the streets, containing Documents for Ubuntu 6.04, Kubuntu Documentation, Wiki Documentation and more. Dear all, Welcome to the second edition of the Documentation Team Newsletter! For all editions of the newsletters, see In this issue: 1. Documents for Ubuntu 6.04 2. Kubuntu Documentation 3. […]

SPAM/Virus Filter on Debian

Debian-Administration has another massive tutorial, this time on the relevant issue of having SPAM/Virus Filter on Sarge It's long, it's here Quote: This documents my adventure of setting up a spam/virus fighting mail server on Sarge. It is not the most fancy way of doing it, but should be suitable for an environment with not […]

Want to be an Ubuntu artist?

This weekend, Ubuntu have an artwork weekend – perhaps you can help them I found it at The Fridge but the announcement is here Quote: This weekend, coinciding with the Ubuntu UI sprint happening in London,might as well be a nice time to catch up, get some decisions and workdone, so I suppose let us […]

Ubuntu to adopt Linspire's CNR-service

Linspire and Ubuntu, are talking about collaborating to offer Linspire's CNR (Click-N-Run) application download service to Ubuntu users. Read about it here on DekstopLinux I wonder how the $20 fee for the service at Linspire fits Ubuntu's 'allways free'-policy… Quote: “[Shuttleworth], like me, thinks it MIGHT be a good idea,” Carmony told “But then […]

Going back to Windows after Ubuntu

Trying to install Skype on Ubuntu sent this user back to WindowsXP Quote: To illustrate, I’ll describe the process of installing the free application Skype for both Windows and Linux.Windows: Do a Google search for Skype, click on first result, find download link, click download, run, next, next, next, installed. The process is simple and […]

Knoppix, other tools that ease Windows-to-Linux PC moves

This article shows how Knoppix can be used when you want to migrate to Linux. Read it here Quote: Knoppix is widely regarded as the single best utility for testing hardware compatibility without requiring local driver changes or updates. When used as an in-memory operating system (a RAM-disk image), Knoppix enables you to qualify PC […]

apt-pinning – Run Debian on the latest packages

Have you ever gotten annoyed at how Debian Stable always seems to be out of date? Read here how to cure that 'problem'. It's all here Quote: Why do this? Stable is covered by the Security Team. Testing and Unstable are not. For non-critical services, like perhaps your mailer, or your window manager, this is […]

Using Dapper Drake

Yet another blogger writes about his joy of the upcomming April release of Ubuntu, Dapper Drake. The two entries are found here Quote: Most Ubuntistas I know would now point to the Ubuntu Slogan: “Linux For Human Beings”. This is narrowly interpreted to mean that Ubuntu wants to make a “newbie friendly” distribution. The passionate […]

Accelerated KNOPPIX

Enjoy Knoppix, but not the long boot-time? Then Accelerated KNOPPIX is something for you. It's mentioned here on Distrowatch Quote: By re-arranging the Cloop file system block and optimising the hardware detection and configuration step, the developers have succeeded in reducing the CD boot time to under 60 seconds, while maintaining the full functionality of […]

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