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Screenshot tour: Ubuntu Dapper Drake Beta 2

As usual, OSDir have a screenshot tour of the latest Ubuntu release. See it in action here

Ubuntu Developer Summit

The next Ubuntu Developer Summit will take place from 18 – 24 June outside Paris, France. The primary focus of this event will be for the distro team and others to gather together to concentrate on spec writing and technical planning for Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft). Canonical is proud to announce that the next Ubuntu […]

Centralized Syslog Server Using syslog-NG

syslog-ng© is the world's most flexible and scalable audit trail processing tool for organizations of any size. It provides a centralised, securely stored log of all devices on your network, whatever platform they run on. And syslog-ng also incorporates a host of powerful features, including filtering based on message content, as well as customisable data […]

Ubuntu for the Enterprise

At the 4th annual Linux Desktop Summit in San Diego Monday, Jane Silber, the chief operating officer of Conanical sat down to talk to Computerworld's Eric Lai about how the upcoming June release of Ubuntu 6.06 might appeal to corporate users, too. Read it here Quote: The new SUSE Linux Desktop 10 from Novell Inc. […]

Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu 6.06 LTS Beta 2

Colin Watson has announced the release of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu 6.06 LTS Beta 2. Update: Screenshot tour at OSDir! Enjoy the screenshout tour at OSDir right here —0— The Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu teams are proud to present a secondBeta release of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu 6.06 LTS, codenamed “DapperDrake”. This release corrects some serious flaws in the installerpresent on […]

Ubuntu on an Intel Mac

We've all heard the fuss about Windows on a Mac, but now it's time for Ubuntu on the Mac! Enjoy description, pictures here Quote: Late last week, I received an Macbook Pro 2Ghz (Intel Core Duo based) laptop with the instructions 'we know Bootcamp makes OSX work with Windows, what about a real operating environment'. […]

MySQL to Offer Ubuntu Bundled with Database

MySQL has introduced MySQL Forge, a new Web site and community directory designed to encourage and support active MySQL-related open source development. Read the announcement here Quote: Located at, MySQL Forge is a central online resource for all MySQL users and developers to communicate, collaborate and share MySQL code and applications.….Ubuntu is the fastest-growing […]

Review of Ubuntu Dapper Drake Flight 6

Titeled “The Truth about Ubuntu!”, the 'review' goes through a bunch of applications and their use. Read it here Quote: My grumbles of Ubuntu Dapper Flight 6, after being used on a day to day basis on a T41 in a University Environment: aMSN:The gtk version 1 really sucks. I mean, even my friends comment […]

SimplyMEPIS 6.0-beta1 Release

Going from Alpha to Beta, it's time for SimplyMepis. Now, it's announced: Quote: Beta1 includes many package updates. For example, Warren Woodford, founder of MEPIS, says “Thanks to the hard work of Jonathan Riddell and the Kubuntu team, the latest Ubuntu Dapper updates to KDE and Cups greatly improve print support. Yea team!” Beta1 provides […]

Open Letter to Ubuntu’s Benevolent Dictator

This interesting blog entry comments on the Ubuntu world, its maturity and relates it to what is needed to succeed. Quote: I don’t know if you saw my post “10,000 bugs away from World Domination” which made my day by getting Digged and was even read by one of your engineers Scott James Remnant, but […]

Syncing Websites To Your Palm For Offline Reading

This is a brief tutorial on how to sync websites from your Linux system to your palm for offline reading. The websites are stored in Plucker format. You will need to install the Plucker viewer for palm which can be found at the Plucker website. The software you will use to grab the websites and […]

Debian Weekly News 17/2006

The latest DWN contains topics about Google Summer of Code 2006, Debian from Scratch and Upgrade Conflict: Kernel and GRUB. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – April 25th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 17th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. The Debian Live Initiative that aims to producea pure Debian live CD […]

Henry’s Guide to Financing Your Free or Open Source Project

Actually called “Henry’s Guide to Financing Your Free or Open Source Project and Really Long Article Titles”, it's a not-quite-so-serious guide by the best superhero in Open Source. Read Henry the Adequate's blog for more knowledge Quote: As I’m sure you are all aware, I am a computer programming guru and master leet haxxzor. Such […]

Q&A: Canonical’s Jane Silber

Computerworld.comhave sat down with Jane Silber, the chief operating officer of Conanical, about how the upcoming June release of Ubuntu 6.06.Update: There's also an interview with her at The three-page interview starts here Quote: How did you join Canonical? I joined Canonical in July 2004. My original background is in software development, and then, […]

Charting the future of Kubuntu

Mark Shuttleworth has announced an invitation for the Kubuntu and KDE community to join us at LinuxTag on 6 May in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt to chart the future course of Kubuntu. This is an invitation for the Kubuntu and KDE community to join us atLinuxTag on 6 May in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt to chart the […]

Ubuntu Default Root Password or the sudo way

chantra at has written another small support-piece, this time about using the ubuntu default root password or the sudo way Read it here Quote: The first time I installed Ubuntu on a computer, I was rather used to debian and went through the whole install process easily. When I rebooted my system and open […]

Damn Small Linux v2.4RC2

Those DSL folks never sleep – the second release candidate have hit us. Quote: Change Log for DSL v2.4 Release Candidate1. 64 cloops for UCI extensions.2. “User”-less UCI now fully supported.3. Added Tiny C compiler, tcc4. Added rsync5. Added Lua cgi library, cgi.lua with sample test.html/test.lua6. New updated Ted wordprocessor with help from Ted's author.7. […]

Mind Map of Linux distributions

How about a nice graphical overview of your distributions roots? This blogger has created a mindmap of the major distributions – see if you can find Debian. Get the big picture here Quote: A few days back, I had posted a mind map of Linux distributions on this blog. And I received a flood of […]

Linuxappfinder adds 'free'-filter

Our friends at Linuxappfinder have added a filter, so you now can distinguish between free and non-free software on their lists. See the announcement here Quote: The Filter Options page now contains Free and Non-free choices. By default both will be shown, but you can uncheck Non-free if you only wish to view free (as […]

First Colombian Linux SBC runs Debian

LinuxDevices have a short news story about a Single Board Computer (SBC) from Columbia. Read it here Quote: Camargo says he succeeded in getting Debian Linux to run on his board, and he has published an interesting paper (PDF download) describing the process. He first used Harmon's loader and dataflash patch, both modified to suit […]

Damn Small Linux – Not screenshots

OSDir have posted a bunch of screenshots of DSL-Not Start the show here

Ethernet Bonding Configuration in Debian

Ethernet bonding refers to aggregating multiple ethernet channels together to form a single channel. This is primarily used for redundancy in ethernet paths or for load balancing. This page refers in particular to performing ethernet bonding under linux, and so does not limit itself to discussion of 802.3ad Trunk Aggregation. Read Full article here

First look: Ubuntu Dapper Drake Beta

With both excitement and trepidation Techtonic have downloaded Ubuntu Dapper Drake's beta release last night and started testing it this morning. Read the gripping story here Quote: Finally, I think some work still needs to be done on the install disc. Some of the problems were obvious beta issues — simple bugs that I'm sure […]

Review of Xubuntu 6.06 Beta (Dapper Drake)

Having reviewed (K)Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) I thought I should at least try out Xubuntu. On the same system that I have Dapper Drake Beta installed I decided to install Xubuntu. This review is on Xubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake Beta. Xfce has been supported in Ubuntu's universe since hoary. The difference now is that the […]

Where Ubuntu LiveCD Both Succeeds and Fails

Matt Stephens have had a closer look at the Ubuntu 6.06 beta and have a bit of criticism before telling us that he still enjoys it. Read here Quote: Having said all that, I really like Ubuntu; it’s slick, and easy to figure out. I’m sufficiently hooked to go back for more. The LiveCD was […]

Bits from the DPL

Anthony Towns have posted an announcement with misc. bits about current issues and his plans for the Debian year. Hey all! Having received both my first criticism for not posting enough [0]and my first bit of praise as someone competent to talk to in contrastto the ftpmaster staff, I figure there's no point continuing to […]

How To Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster

This tutorial shows how to configure a MySQL 5 cluster with three nodes: two storage nodes and one management node. This cluster is load-balanced by a high-availability load balancer that in fact has two nodes that use the Ultra Monkey package which provides heartbeat (for checking if the other node is still alive) and ldirectord […]

(K)Ubuntu 6.06 beta review

xbit64 have had a look at the beta release for Ubuntu Dapper Drake, and there's yet another fan. Quote: If you are thinking “should I upgrade my system to Dapper Drake Beta (Ubuntu/Kubuntu 6.06)” The only way to answer that question is.Can you see yourself spending perhaps hours getting your system backup and with a […]

Ubuntu LiveCD: Try it, you’ll be hooked

Very short, very positive: Blog about Ubuntu 6.06 Beta. Read the rest here Quote: Rather cleverly, the LiveCD also gives the option of creating a more permanent installation if you grow to like it. This is vaguely reminiscent of a car salesman quickly whipping out the contract – sweeping in to close the deal at […]

Set up awstats with apache 2 on debian-ubuntu

A nice little guisde to the setup of a web server using Debian or Ubuntu is found at It's blogged here Quote: Awstats is a great web log analyser. It gives really usefull statistics abut traffic on your web sites. Installing awstats in debian/ubuntu still needs so tweaking to produce neat statistics. In this […]

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