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Kubuntu developers not happy

OSNews have caught that a number of Kubuntu developers are complaining that Canonical is not answering their requests.
It was spotted here at OSNews, but is written all over (the German Kubuntu page)


We all from the have pursued this aim [to improve Kubuntu] together, but most of the work has been done by Andreas Mueller (amu). He is not only co-founder and unpayed developer of the Kubuntu-project, but he's also hosting this website and he's taking over all the arising expenses. During our endeavours for Kubuntu, there were made several requests to Canonical. All those requests are unanswered 'till today! Up to now, there is only one payed developer. Since Canonical ignores all our personal and partly financial engagement until now we have to assume that Canonical is not willing to make Kubuntu a '1st class distribution'.”

They warn that

Unless all the requests made by Andreas Müller are answered till 15.04.2006

* will shut down including its forum and mailing lists
* Amu will stop developing Kubuntu
* there will be no booth at LinuxTag

To clarify the seriousness of the situation, will be offline for one week beginning as from monday, 10.04.2006.

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