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Bruce Perens talks UserLinux and Ubuntu

Former DPL and ounder of the Open Source Initiative and Linux Standards Base Bruce Perens has commented Userlinux and Ubuntu in LinuxFormat.
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LXF: Since UserLinux started up, Ubuntu came along and it seems to play the same sort of role. I think Jeff Waugh actually made a post saying “Hey, UserLinux guys, you can work with us on Ubuntu.”

BP: I actually considered going to work with Canonical when Mark [Shuttleworth] was starting it, and there were a couple of problems with that. I think that Mark is eventually interested in having a successful and profitable company, and I don't believe that Linux distributions are a natural fit for for- profit enterprise. Indeed, if you go on my website I have a very long paper on the economics of open source, and one of the things that you can derive from that is the fact that open source works almost worst for a for-profit Linux distribution.

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