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Ubuntu: A ramble through Drake Lake have had a look at Dapper Drake and reviews what they see. And they like what they see!
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Happily Ever After

I like Ubuntu. I just do. There's a simplicity about it that appeals. Every successive release adds an additional layer of abstraction between the user and the 'plumbing'. While some might pass this off as soft-hearted pandering to a demographic that was never meant to use Linux in the first place, 'Debian for the Lazy', there is a gentle delight in taking a smooth, working OS and working your way down into its innards.

We already have a vast number of distributions that require you to stack up bricks until you have built yourself the personalised desktop of your dreams. Those who build from the base up will learn more than those who do not. But I estimate a great many more people would be willing, or encouraged, to dig down. To take a curious peek under the hood, and nip, tuck and tweak to their liking.

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