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Damn Small Linux v2.4RC2

Those DSL folks never sleep – the second release candidate have hit us.

Change Log for DSL v2.4 Release Candidate
1. 64 cloops for UCI extensions.
2. “User”-less UCI now fully supported.
3. Added Tiny C compiler, tcc
4. Added rsync
5. Added Lua cgi library, cgi.lua with sample test.html/test.lua
6. New updated Ted wordprocessor with help from Ted's author.
7. New updated ndiswrapper v1.14 (latest stable).
8. Improved dmix and sound features, dual channel and save settings.
9. Adjustment in .xinitrc to better support foreign language keyboards.
10. More cleanup for space savings to accomodate upgraded software.

Here's the announcement and here's the downloads

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