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Debian Weekly News 22/2006

This weeks DWN have arrived with: Debian IRC moving to OFTC, Debian Projects accepted for Summer of Code, Optimising the Boot Time and much more. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – May 29th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 22nd issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Joey Hess has produced a [1]detailedexplanation and […]

Ubuntu Ascending have an article about the upcomming release of Ubuntu and the meaning of the recently announced Solaris support. Read it here Quote: For its part, Sun is encouraged by Ubuntu's support for Niagara and does not see it as competition for its own Solaris operating system. Fadi Azhari, director of outbound marketing for Sun, […]

Kubuntu and Edubuntu newsletters

Kubuntu and Edubuntu have released newsletters and they are both posted here for your viewing pleasure. Focus is naturally on the release June 1st. Here's from Kubuntu:Quote: = Kubuntu Newsletter = In this newsletter: release candidate, Kubuntu meeting, KOffice 1.5.1,Kubuntu in Rosetta, Adept 2.0, Icecream and the Summer of Code. == Release Candidate == The […]

Majordomo Mailing Lists Configuration

Majordomo is a program which automates the management of Internet mailing lists. Commands are sent to Majordomo via electronic mail to handle all aspects of list maintenance. Once a list is set up, virtually all operations can be performed remotely by email, requiring no intervention upon the postmaster of the list site. Read Full article […]

Bits from the release team

Andreas Barth has posted yet another update on the progress of etch and the release goals – the schedule still seems to allow a December 4th release, but it is getting a bit more difficult to get there in time. Hi, another month has passed and DebConf happened, so we have a few morechanges to […]

2000 was the “year of the Linux Desktop” for me

Many speaks about when Linux is ready for the desktop – for Terry Hancock that was in year 2000 when he went from Win 3.1 to Debian Slink Read his blog entry about it Quote: I just didn’t like the look or smell of Windows 95, which is why I had resisted upgrading for 5 […]

My desktop OS: Debian Etch

It can't go wrong when an article startw with: “Some people like to work in Linux distributions that are at the cutting edge of technology. Other prefers stability at any cost. I want both, and Debian Testing, codenamed Etch, gives me that.” Read the description here Quote: Debian is the most truly community-driven distribution, proud […]

More bug squashing and testing

Martin Zobel-Helas has announced a Bug Squashing Parties Marathon (or: helping releasing etch in-time) – so see where you can attend and helt Etch. Hi, [ Please send follow-ups to -project, headers set accordingly ] As you should all know, we had some bug squashing parties beforethe release of Debian 3.1 “sarge”. These were quite […]

Ubuntu Linux to support Sun Niagara servers

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Support) will include a dedicated server edition with an extended five-year support period for enterprise users. It is also commented at tectonic. As originally announced here, it is now official that Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Support), will include a dedicated server edition with an extended five-year support period for […]

Release Candidate One for DSL v 3.0

The first release candidate for Damn Small Linux 3.0 is released. It is announced that: Quote: Change Log for DSL-3.0RC1 1. New unionfs as a boot option2. New mountable MyDSL extension type unc with automatic branch management.3. Adjust Getting Started/Dillo screen to support booting 640×4804. Added ACPI modules for newer power managment support5. New FUSE […]

Small piece on Debian installer on DWN

This Distrowatch weekly news contains a brief mentioning of the Debian graphical installer. Read it here Quote: The upcoming release of Debian “etch”, currently scheduled for December 2006, is likely to provide several interesting features, never before seen in the world's largest Linux distribution. One of them is a graphical installer. As reported in the […]

Marketing build-up for Ubuntu release

With two “right soon, now”-articles about what the upcoming Ubuntu 6.06 will contain, Canonical is setting the stage for a much anticipated release. Ubuntu tips June 1 upgrade, server release plans – at desktoplinux Enterprise-level Ubuntu Linux due this week – at ZDNet Quote: Enhancements in the new release that are common to all the […]

How To Automate Spamcop Submissions

Spamcop is pretty much dependant on user input. If no one submits and verifies spam, then they will have no blacklist. However that whole submission and verification process is a bit annoying and can be automated. Why should I bother to actually submit spam to Spamcop and have it verified? If I just delete it, […]

ROX desktop in new Debian package

The ROX desktop takes familiar user interface components from the RISC OS desktop, such as drag'n'drop and the filer, to create a more friendlier desktop for users of Unix-like operating systems. Read it at Drobe launchpad Quote: The spirit of the RISC OS desktop can now be easily installed on Debian GNU/Linux systems, after the […]

Remastering Damn Small Linux

Here you are: Instructions for those who find a raw list of terminal commands intimidating, to demonstrate why remastering CDs is useful, and to partially explain what those console commands are actually doing. Read the full story here Quote: Remastering might become a something of a lost art over the next few years, with the […]

Ubuntu for your grandmother.

Okay, this is interesting…or weird. Someone at had his fiancé's grandmother use Ubuntu and noted the results. Read it here Quote: I have been toying around with Linux since 1999, Seen the first desktop versions evolve and have seen the Linux OS grow in strength on the desktop. Last year I found out about […]

Ubuntu RC Components and MEPIS fixes

MEPIS has released beta 4 of SimplyMEPIS 6.0. Read the release announcement here Quote: Beta 4 includes some new and/or updated applications including amarok 1.4, xaralx 0.5, and ksudoku. Digikam plugins were added to make Digikam and showFoto much more powerful and fun to use. To make room for xaralx, it was necessary to remove […]

Quick look at Ubuntu 6-06 LTS RC

Tuxmachines have had a look at the recent release candidate of Ubuntu – schreenshots included. And has a small article about starting services in Fedora, SUSE and Ubuntu See it here Quote: I downloaded the i386 pc version last night and it came in fairly quickly. The md5sums matched and I burnt it to […]

Mark Shuttleworth on Dapper, and Ubuntu in the Enterprise

Recently Mark Shuttleworth spoke with The 451 Group at length about Dapper, Ubuntu, and the trends and development of the open source and free software movements. Here we will present Shuttleworth’s comments along with insight and commentary from 451 Group analysts. Read the first part here Quote: Ubuntu 6.06, the Dapper Drake, is scheduled to […]

Backing Up and Restoring Using the cpio Command

The cpio command is one of the most commonly used Linux back up tools and Debianhelp have written a guide to it. The cpio command has two unusual features Unlike tar , in which the files to back up are typed in as part of the command, cpio reads the files to work with from […]

The supermarket thing

I don't usually post news from the Debian bloggers, but this entry from Joey Hess seems to have made the headlines, as he comments his fears that Ubuntu is reducing Debian to a supermarket of components. Read it here Quote: At DebConf I whined at Mark Shuttleworth about my fears that Ubuntu is reducing Debian […]

Release Candidate for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

The Ubuntu team announces the Release Candidate for version 6.06 LTS of Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu – codenamed “Dapper Drake”. Screenshots at OSDir too. Enjoy the screenshots The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the Release Candidate for version 6.06LTS of Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu – codenamed “Dapper Drake”. The ReleaseCandidated includes installable live Desktop […]

Ubuntu party time

Ubuntu users and Local Teams around the world have already started to plan the worldwide celebration of the release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Read about the parties at The Fridge or see where they are happening in the wiki Quote: Once Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper) is out, there will be plenty to celebrate, whether you […]

perl6 howto in ubuntu dapper

Our friends at DebCentral has made a nice tutorial of perl6 in ubuntu dapper. See it in action here Quote: I will present an small howto compile and install perl6 and parrotvm on an ubuntu dapper machine. I followed this howto with small corrections when the build/install went astray

Customizing a (K)Ubuntu 6.04 Linux Live CD

This tutorial shows how to build a modified Kubuntu live CD, using the latest “Kubuntu 6.04 Flight3” (to use a 2.6.15 kernel). Read here Quote: This tutorial reflects a work I had to do in the last days: I had to build a modified Kubuntu live CD, using the latest “Kubuntu 6.04 Flight3” (to use […]

Debian Weekly News 21/2006

The latest DWN have hit the streets. Compiled by Sebastian Feltel, Thomas Bliesener and Martin 'Joey' Schulze it covers Graphical Debian Installer Images, Sun Java distributed by Debian and DebConf6 successfully finished. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – May 23rd, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 21st issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. […]

Automate Installations with Debian Pre-Seeding (Part 2)

Carla Schroder has written the second and last part of the guide to use pre-seeding on Debian. Read it here Quote: Plugging a new PC into your network, going out for a healthy walk, and returning to a completed operating system installation is one of life's little pleasures. Remember, laziness is a virtue in network […]

Open source ubuntu

Despite its world-saving image, open source software has not made much real revolution. But Becky Hogge at finds hope in new software “for human beings”, designed to bridge the digital divide. Read it here Quote: So maybe Ubuntu wasn't such an altruistic endeavour after all. But is the fact Shuttleworth might make a profit […]

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server Edition to Include Certified LAMP Stack

The Server Edition of the June 1st 2006 release of Ubuntu will include a mechanism to set up a standardised, certified and supported LAMP server with a single command. Read the rest of the press release here Quote: The term “LAMP” refers to “Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP”, four components of the world's most widely […]

Grandmother Uses vi

In this comment, Microbabble investigates whether Ubuntu really is as easy to go to as we usually say and think. Read it here Quote: Let me tell you about Grandma and vi. Back in the early days of Ubuntu, I sat Grandma down and explained that in order to really become productive with Linux, you […]

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