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The first release candidate for Damn Small Linux-Not is here.
See the changelog


Added missing triangles in fluxbox menu
missing kbdconfig from dslpanel
fixed missing buttons in emelfm
fixed bug in mydsl-load for .dsl extensions
new boot logo screen thanks to monkymind
address the printing issues
password setup
check to see that cups is started when selecting the Printer Setup button
prompt to persist printer setup by automatically adding cups related files
to the backup control file .filetool.lst upon shutdown
the fluxbox menu was slightly adjusted
updated .mplayer and .naim in the home directory
now using Lawn theme instead of the purple Kharisma one
added smbfs module
fixed beaver to leafpad in .emelfm file
mods applied to emelfm config files
smba extension needing smbfs should work straight away now
Ndiswrapper fixed modprobe issue
added reiserfs support
more changes to ndiswrapper
mplayer conf file to allow zoom
added missing telnet
added missing ftp
added missing editres

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