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LnuxTag Ubuntu news

That KDE to Become Better Supported on the Ubuntu Platform and that ubuntu is expensive to fund is two of the latest news from Mark Shuttleworth's appearance at LinuxTag. ZDNet also covers the funding issue.
Ubuntu is expensive


In an interview with heise open Mark Shuttleworth, initiator and financial backer of the Ubuntu Project, has outlined the motives for his commitment: “Ten years ago I was fascinated by the Internet. Linux gave me the opportunity to play with the best companies in the world, without any obstacles between me and success. That has made me a billionaire… and I want to give something back.” According to his own statements the South African mogul who in 2002 became the second space tourist to visit the International Space Station (ISS), spends a few million US dollars annually on the Linux distribution: “Ubuntu is expensive,” he told heise open.

And ZDNet also have an article on themoney subject

Oh, yes and KDE is to become better supported in Ubuntu


Mark said that Canonical has created some tools to make Free Software developer communities more scalable such as Rosetta and Malone. It is also important to help newcomers to get into the project. Ubuntu's vision includes offering multiple desktops because it is a healthy way for a sustainable future that those desktop environments should work great together. Tighter integration of Canonical's collaboration tools with e.g. KDE's bugzilla is another keypoint of the collaboration in the future.

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