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Ubuntu 2.0 (Twobuntu?!)

Here's a rather critical look at Ubuntu and what they do right – and a lot more on what they do wrong – “In fact, if the most popular Linux distro has the smallest engineering team and is the least stable, it threatens the perception of the desktop distro market as a whole.”
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Meanwhile, if Debian had 2 million new customers and 10,000 new bugs, I’ll bet they could pick up the pace for the increased workload, especially if it came with a few New Maintainer applications. That mild shock to their system might even be healthy.

I think there are 3 main reasons why Ubuntu is buried in bugs:

* Ubuntu is making deep core changes but it doesn’t have the resources to deal with the issues across all the hardware and software
* Ubuntu snapshots bits from Debian-unstable which gives them the latest and greatest code, but that code that hasn’t been debugged yet.
* Ubuntu is finding bugs that exist in Debian but that Debian hasn’t fixed or doesn’t know about. This is very worrisome because Ubuntu has 10,000 active bugs, with 5,000 still unconfirmed. Debian might ship Etch with lots of these bugs if things don’t change.

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