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Grandmother Uses vi

In this comment, Microbabble investigates whether Ubuntu really is as easy to go to as we usually say and think.
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Let me tell you about Grandma and vi. Back in the early days of Ubuntu, I sat Grandma down and explained that in order to really become productive with Linux, you need to learn vi. With the coordination issues that the elderly often face, I explained how learning a few simple shortcuts would not only save time, but would eliminate all those painful mouse issues that plague this generation

Once she figured out the mode based editing, the shortcuts to search, copy, cut, paste, she was in vi heaven. The regex thing was just second nature.
In truth, my grandmother would struggle to turn on both the monitor and the computer let alone read through two paragraphs of a wiki. Most people are technically challenged, yet the attitude towards this greater population is totally missed by those with the power to change it. They are so comfortable with who they are and how Linux is, that they can not comprehend the needs of the non-technical. Cancel a few of those speaking engagements, attend a few installfests, and observe the roadblocks new users encounter. Don't just open your eyes, open your mind.

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