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Quick look at Ubuntu 6-06 LTS RC

Tuxmachines have had a look at the recent release candidate of Ubuntu – schreenshots included. And has a small article about starting services in Fedora, SUSE and Ubuntu
See it here


I downloaded the i386 pc version last night and it came in fairly quickly. The md5sums matched and I burnt it to a cd. This version, perhaps it's the norm for Ubuntu anymore, was an installable livecd. With using “safe graphical mode” the livecd booted into it's trademark brown motif gnome desktop. The wallpaper was slightly different, but very similar to the one found in the last version I tested. These are always nice wallpapers, even if they are brown.

Read here for services


1. From the main menu, choose System, then Administration, and click on Services.
2. You will see the Service Settings window.
3. Find your service. In my example I am trying to start cron. So I locate and highlight Actions scheduler (cron) and click on the box to add a check mark. This ensures the process will automatically start.
4. Now press the OK button, and go ahead and restart your system.

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