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Moving to OFTC

Steve McIntyre has announced that the Debian IRC channel moves from Freenode to OFTC. For a long time, has been provided as a service byFreenode [1], the well-known Free Software friendly IRC network.However, as time has passed, more and more of our discussions haveinstead been taking place on OFTC, the Open and Free TechnologyCommunity […]

Report from (of) DebConf6

Newsforge have a report about DebConf6: Hot, spicy, and working hard to satisfy Debian users! Read it here Quote: This is the kind of peer-to-peer networking that makes open source conferences like DebConf6 worthwhile. It wasn't a teacher/student relationship. It was two hackers sharing knowledge with each other. Perhaps this pair had talked before in […]

Distrowatch on Debian, Ubuntu

This weeks edition of Distrowatch Weekly covers the updates to Debian apt and Ubuntu's Shipit. Read more here Quote: The latest issue of the Debian Weekly News reports about a useful improvement to the distribution's APT utility that will considerably cut down the time it needs to update the local package database: “The new version […]

Debian Etch: Solid, Crufty, Some Assembly Required

This blog comments the progress of Debian, and suggests more marketing and work for it to live up to todays standards. Read it here Quote: Debian is the the quietest big Linux distro. I see hourly posts on Distrowatch, Slashdot and Digg about the latest builds of Ubuntu and SUSE, and even Mark Shuttleworth’s wearing […]

Mirror Your Web Site With rsync

This tutorial shows how you can mirror your web site from your main web server to a backup server that can take over if the main server fails. We use the tool rsync for this, and we make it run through a cron job that checks every x minutes if there is something to update […]

Can Ubuntu jump from community to commercial?

At Linux-Watch, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols discuss if and how Ubuntu can make the transition from community to commercial. Read the article here Quote: Canonical Ltd., Mark Shuttleworth's UK-based company, has never made a secret of the fact that it has intended to support Ubuntu both as a free of cost Linux and as a commercial […]

A Linux Distribution for an Old Laptop

Armed with a 800 megahertz Celeron, 10 gigabyte hard drive and 128 megabytes of RAM, Fedora Core, Gentoo, (K)Ubuntu and OpenSUSE and VectorLinux are being tested. Read the 3-page test here Quote: Kubuntu / Ubuntu: 3/10 pointshttp://www.ubuntu.comAdvantages: One of the easiest install routines.Disadvantages: Fairly sizable footprint (2 gigabytes PLUS user space). Very few options for […]

German Ubuntu Boxed Set to be sold in stores

Canonical and Open Source Press GmbH have collaborated on the delivery of a full boxed set of the upcoming Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Available in German, it will be sold in book stores for EUR 49.95. Read more about it here if you happend to be in Germany and want your Ubuntu in German… Quote: The […]

Guide to developing on Kubuntu with KDevelop

Here's a small guide about how to setup KDevelop wtih Kubuntu so you can start your development. Another guide shows you how to alter the screen setup on Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: KDevelop allows you to easily develop and deploy KDE applications. I was very surprised to see that KDevelop was not installed in […]

How Linux is getting very close to mass adoption

This combined review/comment about Ubuntu is very, very positive – even ahead of Windows Vista's current state. In other Ubuntu news, Shipit has opened for Ubuntu 6.06 orders. Read it here Quote: To be perfectly fair to Ubuntu I had also played with a copy of Vista beta. My sound card was not found, the […]

First Ubuntu Linux certifications

Six South Africans were this afternoon the first candidates worldwide to write the brand new Ubuntu Professional certification. They wrote the exams, backed by the Linux Professional Association (LPI), during the LinuxWorld show in Johannesburg, South Africa. Read the rest of the short article here

Burning or Writing DVDs Under Debian has posted an article about using dvd+rw-tools that makes it possible to burn DVD images created by dvdauthor or mkisofs. If you want to burn DVD's in debian you need to install the "dvd+rw-tools" package. Read Full article here

Short Ubuntu review

Well, not quite a small review – more a trying out Ubuntu ans posting the impression om this blog Read it here Quote: I've seen Ubuntu at the top of DistroWatch for some time. I've avoided it for the usual reasons: I don't know how to pronounce it, I didn't have a machine conveniently available […]

Debian Weekly News 20/2006

This weeks DWN contains items on Web-Interface for Preseeding, Multiarch Status Update and License Problems with teTeX and a whole lot more. This issue of Debian Weekly News was edited by Sebastian Feltel, Mohammed Adnène Trojette and Martin 'Joey' Schulze. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – May 16th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 20th issue […]

How to setup the default web browser in Kubuntu

This blogger is a pretty avid Firefox user and it was one of the first applications he/she installed. The problem that he/she ran into was that all the KDE applications were still using Konqueror as their browser. Read here Quote: Ok; at this point I was getting frustrated. So I launched Konqueror itself to see […]

Sun Java available from non-free

Only one day after the news from Sun that Java is released under a new license, Jeroen van Wolffelaar announces that it is available in the Debian repositories. Official packages of Sun Java are now available from the non-freesection of Debian unstable, thanks to Sun releasing[11 Java under a newlicense: the Operating System Distributor License […]

One year later….

One Year. 931 news posts. 1.000 daily visits. Happy first birthday

Automate Installations with Debian Pre-Seeding

Enterprisenetworkingplanet have written an article about “The shiny new Debian Sarge installer introduced a new feature called pre-seeding. Pre-seeding means creating an answer file that answers all questions asked by the installer.” Enjoy it here Quote: Pre-seeding supports both local installations from bootable media, and network installations. There are a number of different ways to […]

Sun puts its weight behind Ubuntu Linux

Sun Microsystems plans to offer support for the Ubuntu server Linux distribution on its T1 server line, the company said at the JavaOne industry conference in San Francisco. Read about it at Quote: Sun hopes that supporting the operating system will expose its hardware to a new group of users. A company spokesman denied […]

Flash Player 8.5 Linux (Ubuntu Dapper Drake)

This is a short tutorial showing how to install the Macromedia Flash player on a Ubuntu system using Wine. It was tested on Ubuntu Dapper Drake beta 2 (on x86 – 32 bit machine).

Ubuntu Census Survey

As part of an anthropological fieldwork in the Ubuntu community , Andreas Lloyd have constructed a questionnaire to gather basic and relatively valid statistics on the community as whole. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 To all users and developers of Ubuntu, To begin my announced anthropological fieldwork in the Ubuntucommunity [1], I have constructed a […]

DSL v2.4 released

Here we go again – there's been released a new Damn Small Linux version. It's up to 2.4 now. Read the announcement and changelog Quote: Change Log for DSL v2.41. 64 cloops for UCI extensions.2. “User”-less UCI now fully supported.3. Added Tiny C compiler, tcc4. Added rsync5. Added Lua cgi library, cgi.lua with sample test.html/test.lua6. […]

Sun heats up open-source ties

At its annual Java love-in in San Francisco, Sun will debut the Distributor License for Java. As part of the licensing deals with the Debian and Debian-based Ubuntu projects, Sun will include both Linux distributions as choices within its enterprise catalog Read the comments here Quote: “I'm really dubious that Debian will endorse a Java […]

Bits from the DPL: Partners and Debian

Anthony Towns provides another update on how things look in the Debian Universe – DebConf, partners, Google Summer of Code and other stuff. Hey all, First note: this mail doesn't have anything to do with the secondannual debconf ball coming up later this week. We're talking partnerorganisations, not dance partners. Just to be clear. One […]

Is it safe to upgrade to Dapper now?

Distrowatch weekly answers a couple of Ubuntu questions in this weeks edition – amongst others the one in subject; and the answer given is “no” Read here Quote: Speaking about Ubuntu 6.06, also known as “Dapper Drake”, some readers have apparently been confused by the unexpected recent release of “Flight” 7, a new alpha, which […]

Excerpts from "Beginning Ubuntu Linux" online

Whether excerpts or one chapter, there's a bunch from the book found online – titeled “Software management under Ubuntu – made simple!” The reading starts here Quote: One of the fun aspects of running any operating system is the ability to expand it—to add in new software over time to improve your workflow or just […]

Ubuntu 2.0 (Twobuntu?!)

Here's a rather critical look at Ubuntu and what they do right – and a lot more on what they do wrong – “In fact, if the most popular Linux distro has the smallest engineering team and is the least stable, it threatens the perception of the desktop distro market as a whole.” Read the […]

How To Set Up A Loadbalanced High-Availability Apache Cluster

This tutorial shows how to set up a two-node Apache web server cluster that provides high-availability. In front of the Apache cluster we create a load balancer that splits up incoming requests between the two Apache nodes. Because we do not want the load balancer to become another "Single Point Of Failure", we must provide […]

Test of Ubuntu Center

Techsential have tested Ubuntu Center – the recently released PHP control center for your Ubuntu box. The test is found here Quote: Finally, Ubuntu Center will show you your system status. Everything from what distro you are using, to how much space you have left on what mount, and your CPU load. System status is […]

SimplyMEPIS 6.0 beta3 Release

MEPIS has released beta3 of SimplyMEPIS 6.0. The ISO image is available for download and test Read the release announcement here Quote: New in this release, cpu speed management is enabled automatically. Suspend-to-ram is known to work out-of-the-box with some HP and Lenovo laptops–more testing is required. A Bluetooth mouse can be enabled from the […]

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