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Training with Damn Small Linux manual reviews the book “DSL — Linux Operating System in Less Than 50 MB” by Mike Weber and have a few reservations about it. Quote: While I admire Weber's work, I also have two personal regrets. My first is the choice of the non-free Flash format for the training movies — viewing these movies requires […]

SimplyMEPIS 6.0. Beta 2 released

The latest beta version of SimplyMEPIS have hit the streets. Read the announcement: Quote: Beta2 provides an updated kernel based on Ubuntu kernel version 2.6.15-22.33. MEPIS founder Warren Woodford says “Starting with this release, we are providing a full set of commercial-grade MEPIS kernel packages for the 386, 686, and k7 flavors of i386. […]

Get answers on Ubuntu Linux: Review and interview with Jeff Waugh

TechRepublic have combined an interview with Jeff Waugh and a review of Ubuntu. Quote: I recently decided to take a look at Ubuntu Linux, I found several problems during the install and with the configuration and default set of packages. I decided to raise the configuration and default package issues with representatives of Ubuntu Linux […]

SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 again have also had a look at the latest SimplyMEPIS and are happy with it. Quote: In short, SimplyMEPIS has a broad selection of software that should cover most (if not all) of a users' desktop needs. After using SimplyMEPIS for more than a week, I really developed a liking for the distro. It's a […]

A package management GUI for Debian-based

Free Software Magazine have an article about the most used GUI util for package management on Debian boxes: Synaptic Read about it here Quote: If you don’t like using the command line, and you want to manage your program installations without typing a command, then read on: this article is for you! Ladies and Gentlemen: […]

Another Ubuntu Hug day

Time for an Ubuntu Hug/Bug day – the show is today, May 3rd! It's announced here at The Fridge and in more detail at and in the announcement Quote: With only four weeks left until release, Bug Hunting became our favoritesport. Lots of people work within the Ubuntu BugSquad [1], some ofUbuntu's teams have […]

Warren Woodford at DebConf

Warren Woodford of MEPIS fame will be attending DebConf, the annual Debian developer's meeting, in Oaxtepec, Mexico from May 14-18. There's not much more to it, but the announcement can be seen here

Debian BTS gains a remote bug tracking feature

Pierre Habouzit has announced an update to the debian Bug Tracker, called bts-link to support in the bug-killing eforts. Hi developers, Like many of you may have noticed, a quite big mail was processed bythe BTS today [1]. This was generated by a new service I'm currentlydeveloping, called bts-link. This tool lists every BTS bug […]

Bangladesh Ubuntu team

“We are very happy to announce the formation of Ubuntu Bangladeshi Local Community Team” – support them if you can! Dear fellow Ubunteros, We are very happy to announce the formation of Ubuntu Bangladeshi LocalCommunity Team, or for short Ubuntu-BD LoCo Team. The team's main aim isto create a solid platform for all Bangladeshi Ubuntu […]

Review of SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3

Unixreview have had a look at SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 and found it very good and simple to use. Read the full article here Quote: The KDE menus and panels are a bit cluttered with applications a quick-launch icons but will be appreciated by new Linux users. If you are a power-user, you might just want to […]

Debian Weekly News 18/2006

This weeks DWN contains PowerPC Port needs Help, Relicensing the Debian Web Pages and Avoiding native Debian Packages —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – May 2nd, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 18th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Jörg Jaspert [1]reported that the web contentfor past Debian Conferences is online again. In […]

Etch in December? Bits from release team

Andreas Barth as posted another update on the release schedule for Etch – it looks like a December release, but the architectures included are not yet decided. Hi, we are now basically 7 months away from the release of Etch. This means,we must now start to send out monthly release updates again, and we mustdefinitely […]


The first release candidate for Damn Small Linux-Not is here. See the changelog Quote: Added missing triangles in fluxbox menu missing kbdconfig from dslpanel fixed missing buttons in emelfm fixed bug in mydsl-load for .dsl extensions new boot logo screen thanks to monkymind address the printing issues password setup check to see that cups is […]

My desktop OS: Kubuntu Breezy

In their “My desktop OS”-series, Newsforge have a look at Kubuntu. Read it here Quote: Kubuntu really delivered on its promise of a simple Debian desktop. The support for laptop computers is simply amazing, and it comes the closest to “just works” of any distribution I've tried.

The Ultimate TorrentFlux/Ubuntu Box

TorrentFlux is a robust PHP torrent client that supports many torrent features such as rss torrents, search and download from popular torrent sites, super seeding, and much more. This tutorial will walk you through the installation of Ubuntu 5.10 and TorrentFlux 2.1 Final. Quote: TorrentFlux is a free PHP based torrent client that runs on […]

Reviving an Aptiva with DSL

Using Damn Small Linux, this users old IBM Aptiva from 1997 gets a new life and enjoys it too! Read the blog entry Quote: Like, I'll be darned. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not recommending that everybody go out and buy a second-hand Pentium with a ridiculously small amount of memory. This thing isn't […]

Getting PHP running with Apache

The #debian IRC channel on freenode very often sees people who don't know how to get PHP running with Apache. This is nearly always caused by missing packages – particularly the Apache mod_php module. Read the full article at

Install Oracle Database XE on Debian Sarge

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE) is an entry-level, small-footprint database based on the Oracle Database 10g Release 2 code base that’s free to develop, deploy, and distribute; fast to download; and simple to administer. Oracle Database XE is a great starter database for Developers working on PHP, Java, .NET, and Open Source […]

Ubuntu beta installation from LiveCD

Using plenty of screenshots, Easylinux have installed Ubuntu and had a look at it. Read and see it here Quote: Please Note: This post is based on a beta version of Dapper Drake, and as such, things are likely to change before the June release. I will copy this post and make any necessary amendments […]

Add Mailfiltering to the Postfix Guide

This guide on HowtoForge adds mailfiltering to the previous guide on using Postfix. The first guide was found here and the new improvements are here Quote: In this guide, you will learn how to get around some of the security policies that Postfix affords in favour of quickness and speed. The Falko guide shows us […]

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