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Ubuntu Essentials, 2006 edition have written an essintials list that starts with “1. Ubuntu, which is an ancient African word meaning “can’t install Debian”.” Read it here Quote: Now that I’ve completed my move to Linux (sorry Mac fanboys, the install was flawless and everything worked out of the box), someone emailed me to suggest that I update […]

Installing a firewall on Ubuntu

Ubuntu's desktop install provides a bunch of useful software for desktop users, but it doesn't install a firewall by default. Luckily, it's really simple to get a firewall up and running on Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: Either Lokkit or Guarddog should be sufficient to protect your Linux desktop. If neither of these strikes your […]

Ubuntu Developer Summit Paris: New alliances, new horizons

Benjamin Mako Hill have written a comprehensive report on the meeting of more than 60 Ubuntu developers in Paris to plan Ubuntu's next release. Read it here Quote: Ubuntu has quickly become many GNOME developers' distribution of choice, and Ubuntu CDs are frequently given out at GNOME booths at trade shows. The same can hardly […]

News from the python policy transition

Here's and update from Raphael Hertzog on the python module transition. Hello, I know some maintainers have decided to wait before converting theirpackages to the new Python policy since the Python infrastructure has beenevolving at fast pace before the transition announce and even a few daysafter. This is now over, the infrastructure is in place […]

Your first Linux experiment

You could also call it Your First ubuntu Experience, as these introduction videos use Ubuntu. Get them here at Quote: This group of three short videos shows you how to download GNU/Linux, make a bootable Linux CD, and how to boot Linux on your computer without going through a tedious installation routine. We used […]

Review of SimplyMEPIS 6.0

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reviews SimplyMEPIS at DesktopLinux and finds it a good, solid desktop Linux distribution Read about it here Quote: n particular, I think this new version of MEPIS makes an outstanding beginner's Linux. It's not only easy to pick up, but it provides easy access to more powerful tools as new users gain […]

A bit of overview of DSL-N

DesktopLinux has made an overview of Damn Small Linux – Not, if you need a short introduction to the distro. Read it here Quote: Damn Small Linux has always told its story efficiently through its name, and it continues to do so with its latest version: DSL-N (Damn Small Linux-Not) 0.1 RC1. As you might […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Issue #4

In this issue: Paris Developer Summit in review, Matthew East interviewed on “`Lug“`Radio, GNOME 2.15.2 now in Edgy, and much more = Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Issue 4 = Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Issue 4 for the week of June 18, 2006 – June 24, 2006 You can always find this and other Ubuntu Weekly […]

Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Part 2 podcast

The podcast covers exporting a partition table to a text file and using a rescue disk; a walk-through of an installation of Ubuntu Linux 6.06 and a discussion of two scripts created by the Ubuntu community, Automatix and Easy Ubuntu. Listen from here Quote: In this episode: three audio feedbacks; new segment “Listener Tips”; Listener […]

Killing Spam With Postgrey And Postfix

HowtoForge have created a guide to Killing greylisting and other spamkilling with Postgrey and Postfix Read about it here Quote: Greylisting in short means that when someone wants to deliver a mail to your mailserver it will simply reply “Please come back later”. That is something all RFC compliant mailservers do and when they do […]

GPL could have negative effect on Debian derivatives

Warran Woodford of MEPIS comments on the issue that because MEPIS has not previously supplied source code for the packages already available from the distribution it is based on — once Debian, and now Ubuntu — it is in violation of the GNU General Public License (GPL) Read it here at Newsforge Quote: “We think […]

Interview with Jonathan Riddell

UbuntuOS have an interview of Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell discussing the plans for the next release, Kubuntu Edgy. It is a 100MB download, get it directly from one of the mirrors. The interview starts 1 hour 10 minutes in. Go here for the interview

Debian Weekly News 26/2006

This weeks edition is here, containing issues such as Priorities of Alternatives, Improving Debian's Publicity and Tracking Critical Bugs —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – June 27th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 26th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Alan Baghumian [1]announced a [2]new versionof [3]Parsix a special Debian-based live and installation […]

Ubuntu Live Speedup Remaster

Is Ubuntu too slow on the LiveCD? See here how to do it over a network and enjoy the speed! shows you how: Quote: We often use LiveCD (and particularly the Ubuntu one) fordemonstrations during Free Software promotion events. However, theuser experience is often quite bad, because LiveCD are slow, due tothe poor speed […]

Two South Africans first to certify for Ubuntu

And now the world have been blessed with Ubuntu Certified Professionals: Fred Strauss and Khayeni Ndlovu of Johannesburg, South Africa TecTonic is bearer of the news: Quote: The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and Canonical have announced the world's first Ubuntu Certified Professionals: Fred Strauss and Khayeni Ndlovu of Johannesburg, South Africa. Strauss and Ndlovu were […]

Life without Windows

Manilla Standard Today have an article about living without Windows – and they use Ubuntu as the alternative. Read the article here Quote: Frustration faded away and a sense of satisfaction set in. I had survived the weekend without Windows.

A comparison of Ubuntu 6.06 and Windows XP

Radagast have blogged about how the comparison of XP and Ubuntu fares, and he is impressed by Ubuntu. Read about it here Quote: Summary Windows XP and Ubuntu 6.06 were both quick to install; each install was complete in less than two hours. Windows took about twice as long as Ubuntu to install, primarily because […]

Zeroconf meets Nexenta

Avahi is a system which facilitates service discovery on a local network. This means that you can plug your laptop or computer into a network and instantly be able to view other people who you can chat with, find printers to print to or find files being shared. It is now integrated into NexentaOS and […]

Interview with Jane Weidman

In their ongoing focus on Ubuntu personnel, behindubuntu have an interview with Jane Weidman. See the interview here Quote: How much time do you spend working on Ubuntu? I was working full time on Ubuntu. Spread across my various tasks. Normally between 7 – 10 hours a day, sometimes much more. I am not sure […]

Tor client and server with Debian

Debianhelp have written an article about Tor and how to use it with Debian as a client or server – read it if you are interested in privacy on the internet. Read about it here Quote: Using Tor with Debian GNU/Linux is very simple. First, the Tor docs for Linux are clear and easy to […]

As the sign says: “MadCarter's has morphed…please update your bookmarks:”. Not much to be unsure about. Visit him Quote: The goal here is to provide simple yet effective tutorials assisting your migration from Windows to Debian (or, find your favorite Linux distribution). Because, let's face it, if you don't do it now, you'll […]

9 Ways to Beautify Dapper have blogged a bunch of suggestions on how to create a more beautifull experience with Ubuntu 6.06 – idea no. 1 is to use KDE… Read them all 9 here Quote: Sometimes people think of Linux as an ugly operating system – and sometimes it is, if you are using the default GNOME, and […]

Review of Automatix 6.2-1

A few scripts have arrived on the scene to assist users installing property software/codecs. One such script is Automatix. first came across it last year, when they was using Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy and now it's available for 6.06 Quote: Review of Automatix 6.2-1 with copyright patents all over the place. A lot of Linux […]

Creating A Safe Directory With PAM And EncFS

This HowTo is about creating a user-session-safe directory which offers security on- and offline. This is done with PAM, a module named pam_script and EncFS ("Encrypted Filesystem"). This safe directory is used to store credentials and other sensitive information during a session. When a usersession is ended, in the worst case an encrypted directory remains […]

Debian Based Linux Distributions and Live CD's list

Most of the people want to know the list of debian based linux distributions and live cd's, and have made a list of them. This is very interesting list i haven't seen any place on the netread here

Review of DSL-N have reviewed Damn Small Linux – Not and are impressed that it so early in its life is so solid and usefull. The review is found here Quote: Like DSL, DSL-N is all about speed. Big applications like AbiWord and Mozilla take around five seconds to load the first time and less than two […]

update-notifier on Sid and Etch

Wolfgang Lonien have written a smalle piece on the update-notifier daemon that makes life a lot easier for Debian users. Read the blog with pictures here Quote: Now – thanks to Gustavo Noronha Silva, who is the Debian Developer and package maintainer of them, we have update-manager and update-notifier in Etch and Sid. I saw […]

Planning for Ubuntu Edgy

NewsForge have made a mid-week report from the Ubuntu developer's conference where they are discussing the scope and content of the next Ubuntu release. See the summary here on Newsforge Quote: On Monday of this week, more than 60 Ubuntu developers gathered in a hotel near Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport to plan Ubuntu's next […]

Podcast on DSL and Ubuntu boot

LinuxReality hav in their 19th put focus on how to install flash and java in Damn Small Linux and downloading and booting Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Listen to it from here Quote: Linux Reality is a podcast aimed at the new Linux user. Our intent is to start from the beginning, and to take it slowly. […]

Ubuntu Customization Kit

Krzysztof Lichota have made a set of tools for easy customization of Ubuntu Quote: Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK) is a set of tools for easy cutomization of Ubuntu Linux distribution (and its derivatives, like Kubuntu).Currently it allows you to: * Create bootable LiveCD with predefined languages based on original Ubuntu/Kubuntu live CD using wizard with […]

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