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Shuttleworth on Geographical Ubuntu Appeal and Gnome vs KDE

In Part III of the interview with the 451 Group, Mark Shuttleworth comments on HBD, ImpiLinux, Geographical Ubuntu Appeal and Gnome v KDE
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Mark Shuttleworth: No, not at all. I need to maintain a fairly even perspective across the project, and we do have a lot of KDE users in the broader project and in the community as a whole. So I tend to run both.

My laptop runs a Gnome-based environment, the traditional Ubuntu environment, and that’s my primary computing environment. My desktop, which I use for development when I’m at home basically, that’s a KDE-based desktop, so I use Kubuntu on that.

And I’m also running Xubuntu [’ZOO-boon-too’], which is an xfce-based environment, but only on a specialist computer where it particularly suits the hardware and the application that I have there.

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