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Bits from the stable release team

MArtin Zobel-Heras has released an update on how it proceeds with stable, and it looks good: “Expect Debian Sarge r3 to happen soon.”

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since Debian Sarge 3.1r2 is out now for a while, we want to give some update.

About Debian Sarge r2 and r3
- —————————-
First of all, on behalf of the Debian stable release team, I'd like to thank
all people who helped us get r2 out so soon after we accepted this position;
mainly James Troup, Anthony Towns, Ryan Murray from the ftp-team, Frans Pop
for d-i and release notes, and Steve McIntyre with CD Image production; and
our families who supported us in taking over this duty.

After we got some basic overview of what had to be done, we decided to delay
all kernel-related updates until r3. Otherwise we would have delayed r2 even
more, as that kernel update requires a complete rebuild of the Debian
Installer. Frans Pop is currently taking care of coordinating with
debian-boot@ and debian-kernel@, together with Dann Frazier to get d-i
rebuild with the new kernel.

Expect Debian Sarge r3 to happen soon.

About proposed-updates
- ———————-
We also learned that some people do not have exact information on how stable
updates work, especially if there are also packages with security fixes
involved. That led to several uploads overwriting security uploads to

Therefore a new mechanism is now in place for proposed-updates. All
packages uploaded to proposed-updates will now end up in a NEW-like queue
which will be processed by the stable release team. We want to thank
Anthony Towns for implementing that.

We decided for now, that all packages uploaded to proposed-updates directly
with no further explanation mail on will be
rejected after one week. So please consider sending an email to
debian-release explaining your changes, _best_ before uploading.

About a new team member
- ———————–
As promised in my previous post[1], we also want to announce a new team
member for the stable release team: Julien Danjou. He did most of the grunt
work for the r2 release. He already has been strengthening our team very
well, and we expect this to continue. So you don't have to point questions
to Andi and me, instead ask him^wthe team :>



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