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Podcast on DSL and Ubuntu boot

LinuxReality hav in their 19th put focus on how to install flash and java in Damn Small Linux and downloading and booting Ubuntu Linux 6.06
Listen to it from here


Linux Reality is a podcast aimed at the new Linux user. Our intent is to start from the beginning, and to take it slowly. We will help Windows and Macintosh users learn about the history of Linux, the importance of the principles of free and open-source software, and the exciting Linux community. We will help users understand the differences between Linux distributions and help people with choosing the right distribution with which to experiment. We will demonstrate how users can try Linux without disturbing their Windows operating system at all, and will also walk people through a Linux distribution installation for those that choose to take a more permanent step. In short, we will explain how it works — in plain, simple, and non-geek terminology.

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