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Review of DSL-N have reviewed Damn Small Linux – Not and are impressed that it so early in its life is so solid and usefull.
The review is found here


Like DSL, DSL-N is all about speed. Big applications like AbiWord and Mozilla take around five seconds to load the first time and less than two seconds thereafter, while smaller applications like the Ted text editor load almost instantaneously. DSL-N also uses a modified emelFM file manager, which couldn't load audio and video files properly into MPlayer. In addition to normal file managing operations, emelFM can be used to install MyDSL extensions and mount UCI applications.

The distro's developers are working on both DSL and DSL-N in parallel, and are fairly active on their forums. Support for ReiserFS was added when many users asked for it. There's also talk of upgrading to a newer kernel.


DSL-N is still in its infancy. At RC1 stages most distributions are too unstable to use, but DSL-N is impressive. If you haven't yet tried DSL, and care for more mainstream applications and have a not-so-recent computer stuffed somewhere, make it usable; download and try DSL-N. You'll enjoy it thoroughly.

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