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Ubuntu Live Speedup Remaster

Is Ubuntu too slow on the LiveCD? See here how to do it over a network and enjoy the speed! shows you how:


We often use LiveCD (and particularly the Ubuntu one) for
demonstrations during Free Software promotion events. However, the
user experience is often quite bad, because LiveCD are slow, due to
the poor speed of CD-ROM devices. As many of the computers we use in
our meetings are connected through a 100 Mbit/s network, we had the
idea of replacing the slow CD-ROM drive by a fast network connection.

Our idea is simply to replace the mount of the CD-ROM by the mount of
a NFS share (which is basically a copy of LiveCD). In order to do
that, we need to tweak the initrd. These operations are described in
the following section.

The following work has been performed with an Ubuntu Breezy Live
CD. The modifications and server operations have been made on a Debian
Sid system. Adaptations might be needed for other versions.

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