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Knoppix to the rescue

Here's an article about Knoppix from the more mainstream media – basically it's about trying Linux without the dangers involved. Read it here Quote: Even if you have no intention of getting up close and personal with Linux, it may pay to download and burn a version called Knoppix (go to and click on […]

Debian installer etch screenshot tour

The title says it all, have a look at OSDir. It's found here

Part II: Mark Shuttleworth on 6.06 and Ubuntu in the Enterprise

Recently Mark Shuttleworth spoke with The 451 Group at length about Dapper, Ubuntu, and the trends and development of the open source and free software movements. Here we will present Shuttleworth’s comments along with insight and commentary from 451 Group analysts. The first part of the interview is mentioned here, but the entire part II […]

With Knoppix at a HotSpot

The new LinuxGazette containa an article about the pleasures and trials of using Knoppix with a commercial Hotspot. Quote: Still, it would seem that WLAN access is no longer just for high-tech road warriors. While it's not something I'd do in an airport somewhere waiting for a connecting flight, I definitely will be looking for […]

Dual-Boot Ubuntu 6.06 and Windows XP

Alexander Grundner have written a thorough guide to setup a dual-boot system with Ubuntu 6.06 and XP using an extra hard drive. People are busy using the new Ubuntu! Read it here Quote: I admit it. I'm HUGE fan of Ubuntu Linux for the Desktop. So with great pleasure, I have put together a guide […]

Knoppix 5.0.1 released

I'm pleased to annonce something non-Ubuntu-related: KNOPPIX 5.0.1 public release on June 2 2006 It is announced here at Quote: At CeBIT 2006, a preview of Knoppix 5 was introduced, which has now been updated with the new Kernel and udev hotplug management. The new version includes a few bugfixes and KDE 3.5.2. Version […]

Printing with Ubuntu

Also in the Ubuntu world, today we have an how-to to setup your printer with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Do you want to print stuff?Quote: Ubuntu makes printing reasonably easy and straightforward. This brief article is for those who need a specific and encouraging step-by-step guide. I hope that this article will not only ensure that […]

Kubuntu and Edubuntu 6.06 beta reviews

In a touch of bad timing, here's a rather positive review looking at Edubuntu and Kubuntu 6.06 BETA. Here it is. Quote: In conclusion, I can say that all three Ubuntu distros are really nice. If they become stable in their final versions, even if this means to postpone the release of the final version […]

The Talk is All Ubuntu Today

Tuxmachines have made a small collection of articles about Ubuntu from the release of 6.06 yesterday. Read it here: Quote: Stories and reviews of Ubuntu 6.06 have sprung up all over the net today. From howtos to reviews, the talk is all Ubuntu today. Some include:

How to mix Debian testing, unstable and experimental

Beranger shows us how to mix the different versions of Debian to get the supreme fit to your need. Quote: While Debian 'testing' is rather stable, it's not a release per se, but a living version of Debian. Therefore, when a package migrates from 'unstable' to 'testing', nobody could really guarantee you will be able […]

Manage Apache Bandwidth Quota And Throttling With mod_cband

This article shows how to install and configure mod_cband on an Apache2 web server. mod_cband is an Apache2 module which provides bandwidth quota and throttling. It solves the problem of limiting users' and virtualhosts' bandwidth usage. The current versions can set virtualhosts' and users' bandwidth quotas, maximal download speed, requests-per-second speed and the maximal number […]

Security Support for Debian 3.0 to be terminated

Joey Schulze announces that more than one year after the release of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 alias 'sarge' and nearly four years after the release of Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 alias 'woody' the security support for the old distribution 3.0 is coming to an end next month. ————————————————————————The Debian Project Support for Debian 3.0 to be […]

Prepping Ubuntu for Everyday Use

Either abstract from the book or genuine usefull tips – Keir Thomas have written “25 tips to make Ubuntu 6.06 LTS perfect” Read them all here Quote: Below are over 25 tips that will let you tweak and personalize the latest Ubuntu release so that it's perfect. Think of it as polishing the diamond. In […]

Managing Apache2 modules the Debian way

The title says it all: Opposed to a RedHat based system for example (where they will try to enable all the possible modules) the Debian package will enable by default only a very small amount of modules. Read more here Quote: The Apache2 HTTP Server is a modular program, where we can choose its functionality […]

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS released + review of RC

So, today the Dapper Drake is renamed to Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and released oficially. have reviewed the Release Candidate to give us an impression of what to expect. This thread at Ubuntuforums claims that the 6.06 have hit the mirrors and is released: I'm sure there'll be a more official announcement later – […]

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