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Software development gets on the Cluetrain

You've probably read it at or /. – but here's Simon Law discussing how Ubuntu is being developed. Download the files with the speech here Quote: Simon Law leads the Quality teams for Ubuntu, a free-software operating system built on Debian GNU/Linux. As such, he leads one of the largest community-based testing efforts for […]

Ubuntu and Kbuntu in VMware Player + installing Flock

Ralph Whitbeck had an itch to run Ubuntu and did it using WMware Player. In other Ubuntu news, Brent Roos installs Flock On Ubuntu Read how he did it here Quote: I actually wanted to see how Konqueror compared to Safari in rendering as I needed a way to test since I don't own a […]

Top Five Ways to get work done on the Linux Desktop

Swapping WinXP with Ubuntu on your laptop – why and what's the gain by doing it is the topic of this blog. Read it here Quote: 1. Use Firefox – If you use Firefox for the web you’ll be 80% there and you won’t be able to tell which platform you’re working on anyway. 2. […]

SimplyMEPIS 6.0 Linux GPL Source Code Availability

To comply with GPL license restrictions, MEPIS is now offering MEPIS related GPLed source code as a 2 DVD set available from the MEPIS Store See it announced here Quote: In most cases, the source code for the GPLed components contained in the SimplyMEPIS collective work are available from the Ubuntu pools, however in accordance […]

With Linux, enough is sometimes too much

The German have an article in English about Ubuntu and the wealth of utilities on Linux platforms. Have your fun here Quote: Is it the perfect bare-bones desktop? No; it still ships with multimedia players, unnecessary Internet tools, and, yes, the GIMP. But Ubuntu's developers have taken great care to streamline its Gnome-based UI […]

Little-known APT utilities for Debian desktop users have an article about APT-based utilities, that remain largely unknown to desktop users. Some of these utilities offer a range of functionality far beyond those of the basic tools. Read it here Quote: These functions include setting up package sources (apt-cdrom and apt-spy), querying package information (apt-cache and apt-rdepends), extracting the latest list of […]

Ubuntu magazine vote

TheFridge have posted a couple of items regarding the upcomming Ubuntu Magazine (working name) Pleas for help and a reminder of it's existence is here And here's a poll to find out what it should be called Quote: Anyone interesting in helping the Magazine project get off the ground should check out the Magazine Project […]

SimplyMEPIS 6.0 – What Happened?

Tuxmachines reviews SimplyMEPIS 6.0 and are not impressed due to the amount of small errors and glitches. Read the review here Quote: In the press release, Warren Woodford stated, “Converting MEPIS to the Ubuntu pool while incorporating the latest Open Source software advances has taken several months, but it's been worth the effort. This appears […]

Ubuntu and BEA Workshop Studio

Bill roth writes about how it is to be using Ubuntu at BEA's Corporate offices using BEA's own products…sounds like an ad disguised as an article. But here it is Quote: I wanted to try an real application with it, so I download BEA Workshop Studio, of course. I needed a little bit of help […]

Ubuntu weekly newsletter 7

In this issue – Edgy Eft Knot 1 Release, The Classroom, Ubuntu Magazine Meeting, Canonical Commercial Repositories, Opera 9 for Ubuntu and much more Quote: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Issue #7 for the week of July 15 – 21, 2006 You can always find this and other Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issues at: == In […]

Linux patch speed

SearchOpenSourece have a small article about patch speed and praises Debian for its global developer group, as this speeds up patching issues. The article is here, Ubuntu is also on the better side. Quote: The fact that other freely available versions like Debian score so well may reflect the distributed nature of such projects. With […]

LAMP Installation On Ubuntu 6.06 For Linux Noobs

I am writing this as a partial documentation of my trials and tribulations with hopes of aiding all Linux noobs on the steps necessary to create a basic Linux, Apache2, MySQL5 and PHP5 system with FTP HowtoForge comes to your aid with the guide Quote: I, like many others, made the decision to attempt an […]

Ubuntu Certification exams to be offered at LinuxWorld San Francisco

The Linux Professional Institute will provide certification testing during LinuxWorld Conference & Expo San Francisco, August 15 – 17, 2006 Read the press release here Quote: For the first time at a LinuxWorld event LPI will also be offering both the Ubuntu Certified Professional exam and the exams for the MySQL 5.0 certifications (Developer and […]

Ubuntus "No Open Ports!" policy questioned

LXer have summarized the recent arguments against having no open ports after an install of Ubuntu. Read the overview here at LXer Or go for the source of the critisism Quote: The “No Open Ports” policy: This policy (or at least the way many people interprete it) seems to be thought out by someone who […]

Ubuntu being reviewed again

performancepccanada have reviewed Ubuntu – yet another sign that Linux is getting more headlines in the mainstream media Read it =Reviews]here Quote: You know a Linux distribution is becoming popular when it’s mentioned at the Fox News website, and there it was in a June 20 headline, ‘Ubuntu 6.06 Is Current Desktop-Linux Champ’. Of course, […]

DebianTimes comming

Andreas Barth has announced that a new site in the Debian universe is on its way – DebianTimes. The site should contain all the nice small items that are too unimportant for, but are important enough that they should be announced somewhere. Well, it sounds like to me! The announcement and request for […]

Ubuntu power management getting better

In a short interview with Jeff Waugh, infoworld covers that Ubuntu is working on improving power management. Read it here Quote: Jeff said that Thinkpads are still the most popular laptop for Linux and “since they are mostly all Centrino based it's a big advantage as Intel open-sources the drivers. This makes those specific drivers […]

Editors of Mac website switch to Ubuntu

TecTonic have covered that the editors of, a popular Macintosh website and longtime Mac enthusiasts, have switched to Ubuntu Read about the reactions here Quote: To be quite honest the community problem was the real killer. If … the community was fun to be around and work with … I would have stuck it […]

Happy Kubuntu and Ubuntu reviews

Two more Ubuntu reviews have appeared today – and they are both very positive One here at itreviews Quote: A much more business-like implementation of Linux, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS retains many of the features that have made it so popular, with sensible enhancements in terms of installation, hardware support and usability. Still a very complete […]

Secure Debian System Using FireHOL Firewall

FireHOL is a stateful iptables packet filtering firewall configurator. It is abstracted, extensible, easy and powerful. It can handle any kind of firewall, but most importantly, it gives you the means to configure it, the same way you think of it. Read Complete Story

Negative Ubuntu review

Stating that “I can't see how Ubuntu Linux 6.06 is ready for anything except perhaps a patch release.”, Jem Matzan reviews 6.06. Read the rest here Quote: After spending three days with Ubuntu Linux 6.06, and recognizing that a large percentage of first-time GNU/Linux users are trying out Ubuntu before other distros, I understand why […]

Make Dapper Drake Perform on Old Hardware

Scott Spanbauer writes that Ubuntu 6.06 is sweet, but can be slow on older PCs. Here's how to speed it up. See it at pcworld Quote: It was such a nice change, I began to wonder how well Ubuntu would run on some of my older PCs. Alas, the resulting installations were a little slow, […]

Installing Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 on Sony UX17

This screenshot show at Flickr shows Ubuntu running on a Sony X17 – and it seems like there's more to come. See the show here From the comments:Quote: Taniwha says:No, it's not all working yet – but we have a client paying us to get it working… so “watch this space”quote]

Debian Weekly News 30/2006

This weeks DWN contains items on DzongkhaLinux launched, Consolidating SSL Certificates and Dealing with Documentation Issues in Stable. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – July 25th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 30th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Christoph Berg [1]implemented an overview pagefor tasks in the [2]packages overview. He also [3]announced […]

Hello and Goodbye at Canonical

Jeff Waugh leaves Canonical to work for Gnome and Canonical is also looking for a security engineer. Jeff says goodbye here Quote: I’m excited about Ubuntu, passionate about its mission, confident in its future, and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it from the very beginning… But ultimately, my heart lies with another, and I […]

Building A Virtual Cluster with Xen

Using Ubuntu, ClusterMonkey have provided a guide, which is the first of a series in which they give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a virtual cluster with Xen. Part one is found here Quote: Thanks to the Xen virtual machine monitor, you can create a number of virtual machines, all running simultaneously […]

Ubuntu heads for the mainstream

ChannelRegister have an interview with Mark Shuttleworth on the upcoming path and strategy of Ubuntu. The two pages start here Quote: Mr Shuttleworth also has a distant intention, somewhere in the future, of recouping some of the $10m a year he funnels into Ubuntu, and trying to turn it into some kind of profitable business. […]

DSL-N 0.1 RC3

Damn Small Linux-Not 0.1 release candidate no. 3 have been sent out in the open for your pleasure. Here's the changelog and announcement Quote: 1. New theme and background 2. New gcombust replaces cdw 3. Added Samba/LinNeighborhood 4. Added Madwifi drivers 5. Added fuse/sshfs 6. Restored fluxter 7. Fixed hard drive install and now on […]

Another Step toward the BIND

Tom Adelstein writes about how to setup BIND on a Debian system. Read it here Quote: The early information contained in the primary zone file exists to accommodate your secondary or slave server. That's BIND for you. When you look at the SOA entry you will see the information for the secondary server in lines […]

nVIDIA Drivers on Etch

DebianTutorials have been updated with a guide of how to install nVIDIA Drivers on Etch Read it here Quote: Installing the nVIDIA driver binary for Linux has changed a little bit. It's still damned simple, but since the switch to Xorg in Etch from XFree86 in Sarge there is a file location change we have […]

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