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Results of the Ubuntu census survey

The survey attracted more than 330 responses of which around 290 were complete and valid. These responses were then processed and analyzed for presentation at the Ubuntu Developer's Summit where it unfortunately couldn't fit on the agenda.
See it on the web site

And here's the announcement


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In May I announced the Ubuntu Census Survey in order to examine the
general statistics of the contributors of the Ubuntu community. I
froze the data for analysis on June 8th and processed and analyzed
them up to the Ubuntu Developers' Summit in Paris where I had prepared
a presentation which unfortunately didn't fit on the agenda. Instead,
I am presenting the data here, at:

You can read more about the background of the Survey and its part in
my anthropological fieldwork on their separate specifications pages in
the Ubuntu Wiki:

As the results well may bear witness to, I'm not an expert in
quantitative analysis but I've done my best to bring out some useful
data of a rather motley bunch of responses. Luckily, I have been
contacted by another member of the community who work with statistics
for a living, and who is quite interested in using my work as a base
for later surveys – especially among the Ubuntu users community rather
than the more narrow Ubuntu developers' community. As far as I
understand it, it will seek to examine user preferences among the many
users on the Ubuntu Forums to gather information on how Ubuntu is
being used to help the developers make Ubuntu even better (possibly in
connection with the related spec “What do non-geeks want”

For now, I have closed the SurveyMonkey questionnaire, and hopefully
another survey will appear with Edgy's release on the Forums.

Again, many thanks to all those of you who took time to fill out the
questionnaire. Any comments, ideas or other input is most appreciated.

Best regards,


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