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Introduction into Debian/Nexenta Zones

OpenSolaris is not only powerful, but it is very innovative. Somebody smart figured that simplistic chroot or BSD jail concepts could be extended to the level where every single part of HW is virtualized.
Linux kernel also offers somewhat similar proposition called vserver, but we all know that until a proposition is not a part of main-line kernel tree it will never be a solution.

We now have OpenSolaris and it trully opens new horizons for us to explore.

OpenSolaris Zones (which is HW virtualization solution) is fully integrated with NexentaOS.

It uses debootstrap technology in conjunction with remote APT repository which simplifies *a lot* of Zone software management routines.

It is possible to pre-install fresh zone with custom software out of Nexenta APT repository. In article you will see how apache gets pre-installed and pre-configured to operate in newly created Nexenta Zone.

It suppose to work with Alpha 5+ releases.

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