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SimplyMEPIS 6.0-rc3 Release and comments

Not much more to say – RC3 of SimplyMEPIS have hit the streets. In other news, Desktoplinux have commented the release and the current license issues.
Here's the announcement


The display layout of the 'settings' kioslave has been tweaked in response to tester feedback. 'Setting' are system configuration utilities. It's hoped the new layout will be easier to navigate. The RT2400 and RT2500 wireless tools have been added to settings. Khotkeys now works with settings in KDE 3.5.3.

For better integration with KDE, MEPIS has been removing utilities from the MEPIS OS Center and rewriting them so they can be placed in appropriate categories in settings. The MEPIS Installer is now a separate application. To improve the functionality of the utilities and to be more compatible with future releases of KDE and MEPIS, new utilities are being built with QT 4.1.

A bit more interesting, perhaps is the article Quote:



“MEPIS is reviewing the licensing rights and obligations associated with the packages available in SimplyMEPIS,” Woodford said. “This has resulted in some changes and a delay in the shipment of 6.0.”

As a result, lame and liblame0 are being withheld from the final SimplyMEPIS 6.0, Woodford said.

“We are in the process of making sure that 6.0 will be in compliance with the GPL and other licenses,” Woodford said. “It appears that the lame source code is originally licensed under the GPL and the LGPL. But Lame incorporates algorithms that could to be subject to patent claims and licensing fees.”

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