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The Ubuntu Classroom

The idea of The Classroom is to host a biweekly tutorial session on the Freenode IRC server in the #ubuntu-classroom channel. The tutorials will cover information for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu users
Here's the announcement:

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages!!!

The Ubuntu NewUserNetwork ( is proud to
present the brand new attraction, The Classroom
( The Classroom is a new project brought
on by the members of the NewUserNetwork in order to bring together members of
the Ubuntu Community to help teach new Ubuntu and new Linux users. The topics
of study will be from the most basic, Introduction to IRC, all the way up to
the more advanced, Kernel Configurations and Advanced Systems Administration.
Classes still need instructors, and everyone is welcome to come join us on
IRC in #ubuntu-nun and #ubuntu-classroom.

Everyone will comments, suggestions, and/or questions is welcome to contact
the NewUserNetwork via Thank you
everyone, and take care!!!

— Rich Johnson (nixternal) “The best thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.”

— sounder mailing list

Courses run from August to January – read more here

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