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SimplyMEPIS 6.0 Linux GPL Source Code Availability

To comply with GPL license restrictions, MEPIS is now offering MEPIS related GPLed source code as a 2 DVD set available from the MEPIS Store
See it announced here


In most cases, the source code for the GPLed components contained in the SimplyMEPIS collective work are available from the Ubuntu pools, however in accordance with the restrictions of the GPL license, source code is also available from MEPIS. This offer of source code only applies to GPLed source code and to any additional source code that MEPIS may choose to include. This offer does not apply to the GPLed source code of GPLed binary code that is not distributed by MEPIS, or that is improperly licensed under the GPL license, or that is determined to be in violation of US law. It also does not apply to non-GPLed source code related to MEPIS Linux.

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