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Top Five Ways to get work done on the Linux Desktop

Swapping WinXP with Ubuntu on your laptop – why and what's the gain by doing it is the topic of this blog.
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1. Use Firefox – If you use Firefox for the web you’ll be 80% there and you won’t be able to tell which platform you’re working on anyway.

2. Use Open Office – Forget about Microsoft Office. Office 2007-beta is actually pretty nice but Open Office will take care of all your office pressing needs.

3. Use Web 2.0 apps – Plenty of “glue” apps available right on the web and you can use them any where you have access to a computer with a browser. Don’t worry about which platform. Check out 37signals and Zoho for good suites.

4. Use the text editor – Use text files. Get back to your roots. The text editor is a nice light application that makes great almost portable files. Perfect for to-do lists and fast first drafts.

5. Spend the money and buy VMware or Win4Lin and have the Windows desktop available.

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