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Short overview of what happened to gluck

Geekzone have written a small piece about what happened in the compromise of the Debian server and Debian-Administration have a piece on how you can avoid it on your Debian box. The overview is here Quote: The security breach hit the Debian GNU/Linux project rather hard But it is rescued by Steve Kemp Quote: Mitigating […]

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS review post

This news post contains the many reviews of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu 6.06 LTS. Currently screenshot tour at OSDir and two reviews at TuxMachines, LinuxForums, ReviewLinux, Linux-watch, DesktopLinux, Nuxified,, Tectonic, LinuxInsider,,, O'reillynet, Linuxguy, LinuxPlanet,,, serverwatch, ReallyLinux and videos at OSVids. First, enjoy the screenshot tour of Ubuntu at OSDir. You'll find screenshots of […]

Ubuntu open to aiding derivative distributions

Matt Zimmerman has responded to a recent NewsForge article that suggests that the maintainers of derivative distributions are unintentionally violating the requirements of the (GPL). Ubuntu's technical leader says the project may be able to help. Read the article here Quote: What Zimmerman apparently has in mind is the creation of more sibling distributions. “In […]

The (Almost) Perfect Setup for Debian 3.1

Based and abuttet to the HowTo – The Perfect Setup Debian Sarge (3.1) – of Falko Timme I wrote this HowTo for STRATO-Server, because Strato has some specifics in it´s Debian Sarge (3.1) – Image. It is found here Quote: Let me say first: This is one way of many possible, but I try this […]

Which linux distro..? MEPIS!

This blogger writes about the advantages and disadvantages of different distros. He recommends MEPIS The blog is found here Quote: Based on ubuntu, so detects all your hardware. Point-and-click installation of new software. Good community support. I’d pay for my copy, even though its free. It comes in a single CD. My advice? Go-for-mepis!

Debian locks out developers after server hack

Looking at only a part of the message, ZDNet covers rather sensationalistic that some Debian developers have been locked out until they get a new password. Read the 'chocking' news here Quote: The Debian GNU/Linux project has locked a number of its developers out of their system accounts following a security scare in which the […]

Debian Server restored after Compromise

The gluck Debian server has been reinstalled after a compromise andservices have been restored. Read all the details about the hack. ————————————————————————The Debian Project Server restored after Compromise debian-admin@debian.orgJuly 13th, 2006———————————————————————— Debian Server restored after Compromise One core Debian server has been reinstalled after a compromise andservices have been restored. On July 12th […]

Videos: Updating and installing software in Ubuntu

The first video in this pair shows you how to update all the software in your Ubuntu GNU/Linux installation in a single, big gulp. The second video shows you how easy it is to install and remove software with the Synaptic Package Manager. Read and see here at Quote: When you update Ubuntu — […]

The Ubuntu Classroom

The idea of The Classroom is to host a biweekly tutorial session on the Freenode IRC server in the #ubuntu-classroom channel. The tutorials will cover information for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu users Here's the announcement:Quote: Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages!!! The Ubuntu NewUserNetwork ( is proud to present the brand new attraction, The […]

Kubuntu Clash: Should I stay or should I go?

Bezdomny have written a rather funny piece on Tuxmachines about the troubles of a Linux user, currently using Ubuntu. Read the entire story here Quote: Added bit: A few days have passed since the above, and this happened: Kubuntu: Updates AvailableMe: Give me updatesKubuntu: InstallingMe: Thank you very muchKubuntu: All doneMe: I’ll rebootKubuntu: Rebooting but […]

Ubuntu's weak points

Allthoug an Ubuntu fan, this blogger have come across a few glaring failings that “will hamper widespread adoption on the desktop” and writes about them Read it here Quote: The first thing I'd like to say before I level criticism at Ubuntu is that I adore it and have been running it on my laptop […]

compromise of

Early this morning we discovered that someone had managed tocompromise We've taken the machine offline and arepreparing to reinstall it. This means the following debian.orgservices are currently offline: cvs, ddtp, lintian, people, popcon, planet, ports, release —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 Hi, Early this morning we discovered that someone had managed tocompromise We've […]

Interview with Simon Law, Ubuntu's "Bug Czar"

LX'er have had a chat with Simon Law, the newly hired Quality Controller at Canonical – the company behind Ubuntu. The interview is found here Quote: How do you decide when to fix a bug, and when to kick a bug report upstream? We do our best to link all relevant bugs with the upstream […]

Secure Your Apache With mod_security

This article shows how to install and configure mod_security. mod_security is an Apache module (for Apache 1 and 2) that provides intrusion detection and prevention for web applications. It aims at shielding web applications from known and unknown attacks, such as SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, path traversal attacks, etc.

Debian Weekly News 28/2006

28th edition of DWN: The debian-devel Mailing List, Hidden Files in Debian Packages and Debian Kernel with Bootsplash Graphic and much more. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – July 11th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 28th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Bruce Perens [1]warned against patent holdersfiling law suits against Free […]

A Closer Look at Damn Small Linux

SysCon Italia have had a massive test of DSL and (1) Are happy with it (2) provides plenty of usage tips in the review The three pages start here Quote: In summary, I've found this take-along operating system to be a great companion for doing most of what I need from a computer. Once your […]

SimplyMEPIS 6.0-rc3 Release and comments

Not much more to say – RC3 of SimplyMEPIS have hit the streets. In other news, Desktoplinux have commented the release and the current license issues. Here's the announcement Quote: The display layout of the 'settings' kioslave has been tweaked in response to tester feedback. 'Setting' are system configuration utilities. It's hoped the new layout […]

Postfix Spam Filter using Ubuntu Dapper, MailScanner and ClamAV(beta)

The nice people at HowtoForge have put up yet another tutorial – now using Ubuntu, not Debian. Quote: This is a similar version of the HOWTO that can be found here: . Except for using Ubuntu Server instead of Debian and MailScanner instead of Amavisd, the Postfix, Rayzor, Pyzor, DCC and ClamAV sections are […]

DebConf 2007 venue decided

Steve Kemp have written a small piece on the decision of where to have DebConf next year: Edinburgh See it here at Debian-Administration Quote: I may or may not be involved in the organisation now that the venue has been decided, but I will certainly be present since the city of Edinburgh is my home. […]

DSL-N v0.1RC2

Release Candidate of Damn Small Linux – Not have arrived. From the changelog Quote: 1. Update kernel and modules to 2.6.122. Update LTmodem to 8.3.1.b13. Update ndiswrapper to 1.1.144. Update unionfs to 1.1.45. New 64 cloops for mountable extensions (uci, and unc)6. New prism2 support from linux-wlan-ng-0.2.37. New sqlite v 3-3.3.68. Update mydsl system to […]

Sharing: A challenge for Linux developers

Using Ubuntu as the example, Chin Wong discusses the difficulties using Linux in a shared enviroment. Quote: Jessie Baller, a former system administrator and long-time Linux user, posted a comment on my blog that reflected very well what I had already begun to discover for myself. From his experience, he said, there were five things […]

The Mad Installer

Trying to install several distributions on a box, The Mad Installer have a hard time – “Now, other than Slackware, people have called me an Ubuntu fanboy and you konow what? Maybe they are right” Read it here Quote: I just *had* to have something usable on that machine – not only to keep my […]

Distrowatch weekly full of Debian

This weeks Distrowatch Weekly contains items on the 5 years of DWN, Debian vs. Ubuntu and porting of Debian to Minix. Read it all here Quote: Debian's Jaldhar H. Vyas has done some initial work on porting Debian applications and utilities to the MINIX kernel: “I've done a lot of compiling of packages over the […]

Introduction into Debian/Nexenta Zones

OpenSolaris is not only powerful, but it is very innovative. Somebody smart figured that simplistic chroot or BSD jail concepts could be extended to the level where every single part of HW is virtualized. Linux kernel also offers somewhat similar proposition called vserver, but we all know that until a proposition is not a part […]

Intrusion Detection With BASE And Snort

This tutorial shows how to install and configure BASE (Basic Analysis and Security Engine) and the Snort intrusion detection system (IDS) on a Debian Sarge system. BASE provides a web front-end to query and analyze the alerts coming from a Snort IDS system. With BASE you can perform analysis of intrusions that Snort has detected […]

Introducing the Dapper commercial repositories

On the Ubuntu blog, there is also a comment to the recent Opera announcement – “It is not the death of freedom in Ubuntu land, but it certainly is the birth of one kind of freedom – freedom of choice.” Read the entry here Quote: The repositories are not Ubuntu repositories, they are on a […]

Ubuntu Wins 2006 World Class Award

Ubuntu was awarded a PC World 2006 World Class Award, identifying it as one of PC World's '100 Best Products of the Year. Winners were announced in the July 2006 issue of PC World. Read the announcement here Quote: “Products that win PC World's World Class Awards set the standard for excellence in the IT […]

Comments to the Ubuntu Opera 9 announcement

Something significant happened in the world of Ubuntu yesterday. It happened behind the scenes, and nobody really noticed, but nothing less than the future of Ubuntu is at stake. Read the rest here Quote: But this isn’t about software. It’s about politics. This move has important consequences. It’s an experiment that’s a strong indicator of […]

Test Your Knowledge of Ubuntu Topics

Something for the Ubuntu geek inside you: A Test For Your Knowledge of Ubuntu Topics Work on the 50 questions here Quote: As reviewed last month, the latest Linux certification to go live is that of Ubuntu Professional. To earn this certification, you must first become LPI certified at Level I (LPIC I), and then […]

Debian enthusiasts builds a free software community

Four Debian enthusiasts in New York City created a non-profit entity to promote the use of free software in the local community. Since the group's inception, they have been busy helping young people in city neighborhoods learn how to install and run Debian Linux on hardware donated by area businesses and individuals. Read it here […]

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