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New book explains Ubuntu to non-geeks

Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks is characterized as “a pain-free, project-based, get-things-done guidebook,” by its publisher, No Starch Press.
Read a short overview of the book here


The book is organized into 18 chapters:

Chapter 1: Becoming a Penguinista: Welcome to the World of Linux
Chapter 2: Wading and Diving: Running and (if you like) Installing Ubuntu
Chapter 3: A New Place to Call Home: Getting to Know the Desktop
Chapter 4: More than Webbed Feet: The Internet Linux Style
Chapter 5: Rounding Out the Bird: Downloading, Installing, and Updating Programs the Easy Way
Chapter 6: A Tidy Nest: File and Disk Handling in Ubuntu
Chapter 7: Dressing Up the Bird: Customizing the Look and Feel of Your System
Chapter 8: Simple Kitten Ways: Getting to Know the Linux Terminal and Command Line
Chapter 9: Dining on Tarballs, Binaries, Java, and Even RPMs: Yet Other Ways to Install Programs
Chapter 10: Gutenbird: Setting Up and Using Your Printer and Scanner
Chapter 11: Font Feathered Frenzy: Fonts
Chapter 12: Polyglot Penguins: Linux Speaks Your Language
Chapter 13: Penguins Back at Work: Getting Down to Business in Linux
Chapter 14: Brush-Wielding Penguins: Linux Does Art
Chapter 15: Tux Rocks: Music a la Linux
Chapter 16: Pluggin' in the Penguin: Ubuntu and Your iPod
Chapter 17: Couch Penguins: Video and DVD Playback in Ubuntu
Chapter 18: Defending the Nest: Security
Appendix A: Ubuntu Desktop CDs for AMD64 and PowerPC Users
Appendix B: Checking the Integrity of Downloaded ISOs
Appendix C: Resources

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