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eRacks Offers Ready-to-Run Ubuntu Desktops and Servers

Here's a short press release: eRacks Open Source Systems has added the extremely popular Ubuntu Linux to its repetoire of Operating Systems that are configured-to-order on their line of computer systems.
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Ubuntu, whose tagline is 'Linux for Human Beings', strongly focuses on usability. It is derived from Debian Linux, inheriting its convenient update methods of synaptic and apt-get. Other Ubuntu distributions include Edubuntu aimed at school use, Kubuntu based on KDE (K Desktop Environment), and Xubuntu using Xfce Desktop for low-end systems and thin-clients. The Ubuntu Server is secure by default, has no open ports after installation, and contains only essential server software. eRacks offers customization in software installations, and can install the Server Edition, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu, as well as bleeding-edge or legacy versions. eRacks also takes advantage of Ubuntu's multiverse repository to install hardware drivers and software such as Java, Flash, and Real Audio on request.

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