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Linux 101: Installing Debian GNU/Linux

Every day someone takes a whack at installing some Linux distribution on a computer and ultimately gives up out of frustration. Follow this guide to installing Debian GNU/Linux and reduce your frustration to zero.
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Finally, you will see the message “Thank you for choosing Debian!”

Congratulations. You now have a functional Debian GNU/Linux OS installed. Press [Enter] to get to a login screen, and log in. You will probably want a little more than the lean and mean OS install you currently have. Most home desktop users will desire a Graphical User Interface, which in the Linux world means the X Window System and a Window Manager, such as the popular GNOME and KDE, the high-performance Enlightenment and WindowMaker, the responsive XFCE, and lightweight low-resource alternatives such as IceWM and Fluxbox.

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