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BSP in Jülich (Germany) 15.-17. September

They sure are huntung Debian bugs in Germany – help them where you can, even if you're not German!


since we have an ongoing BSP Marathon [1,2] there will be a BSP in
Jülich, Germany the weekend 15.-17. September. The BSP will be hosted in
the office of credativ GmbH.

For further details please have a look at the wiki page [3]. Please add
yourself to the wikipage if you plan to attend.



PS: Sorry for notifying d-d-a after the german press, i had been out of
office the last couple of days and the PR department did not notify me
in time to prepare a d-d-a mail.

— Martin Zobel-Helas GPG Key-ID: 0x5d64f870 Debian Developer eMail Privat: Debian Stable Release Manager eMail Debian:

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