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Installing Applications on Ubuntu with Add/Remove

Ubuntu offers this option (besides apt-get and synamptic) to locate and install software on your Dapper Drake machine Read the tutorial here On the same page you can see “How to Install Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Firefox on Ubuntu”

Ubuntu Linux shutdown the X server

Recently someone asked Vivek a question – “How do I shutdown the X server, so that I have a command line prompt on the console?” Read the answer here Quote: Well answer is very simple use script located at /etc/init.d/ directory. If you are using KDE desktop type the command (make sure you save all […]

MEPIS grundgingly complies with the GPL

Linux-watch covers that MEPIS finally released its distribution source code under the GPL and that Warren Woodford is not one bit pleased with being forced to do so. Read it here Quote: Woodford's mistake was that although he was providing MEPIS's modified Debian/Ubuntu kernel source code in a Debian source-package, he was not providing the […]

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